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Physics 566

Physics 423: Electricity and Magnetism I

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Latest news:

[2017-Apr-20] Any late homework needs to be turned in to Brett's mailbox by 4pm Friday, April 28. Work turned in after that time will not receive credit.

[2017-Apr-19] Note changes to HW13, two sets due Friday. Apologies.

[2017-Apr-04] Corrected typos in HW11-2.

[2017-Mar-23] HW9-2, due Friday, is up now. Sorry for the delay.

[2017-Jan-23] Just fixed a problem with HW01 problem 1a. You may turn in by Tues noon for full credit.

[2017-Jan-18] Just fixed a typo in HW01 problem 2c. I hope nobody was fooled by the inadvertent use of boldface; the r in the denominator is a scalar.

[2017-Jan-12] Homework has been updated as of this evening. You might need to reload to see the latest version.

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