This page is here to sum up my six weeks working under Richand Canfield and Patricia Jibben. There were two students from the MAP program working in the Solar Physics Lab. This Lab was located in the EPS building room #256. During this Time Shanny(the other MAP stuednt) worked on digitizing movies of the sun and "burning" them onto a cd. While we were doing all of this we would watch for activity on the suns corona. If we saw any activity we would then record them to paper. After all of that was done we sent the cd's and notes to a professor in Japan. Here is the link to myPowerpoint Presentation.  Here are the people who helped me a lot during this Lab.

Richard Canfield

B.S., Astronomy, 1959, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor M.S., Astronomy, 1961, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Ph.D., Astrogeophysics, 1968, University of Colorado, Boulder 


Patricia Jibben

Research Assistant & UnderGraduate 1999-2000 Attended University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY. Fall of 2000 Attended Montana State University, Bozeman. 
-- I would like to thank Trish for always helping Shanny and I out with problems no matter how buisy she was. She was the the one who got us through ever glitch we happened upon during our time here. Thanks Trish.

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