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MM#009 Default HESSI Target

MM#009 Default HESSI Target

Dear RHESSI Collaborators,

NOAA 2615 has rotated over the southwestern limb.
2615 produced a C4.0 event at 12/10/17:15 UT.
It was also the source of minor activated prominences
associated with a small long-duration B-class x-ray
enhancement before the C-class event.  The visible
solar disk is currently spotless and almost featureless.
No significant solar flare activity expected anytime soon.

The position of NOAA 2615 on December 10 at 14:30 UT is:
S06W91 (Solar X = 968", Solar Y = -101")

See for images and
for a description of the current Max Millennium Observing Plan.


Bill Marquette (Helio Research)