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MM#009 Default Target

Dear Collaborators,

The limb target region has been numbered as NOAA 13053
with an alpha/A-type configuration but having a large sunspot
area. 13053 was the source of six C-class flares in the past 24
hours, the largest one being a C7.5 at 07/05/12:26 UT. It seems
to emerge opposite polarities in its intermediate portion. If possible,
please also include NOAA 13052 (N15E54) in your field of view,
which has produced a C2.4 flare. More C-class activities are
expected with a chance of a low M-class flare in the next few days.

The position of NOAA 13053 on July 6 at 03:30 UT is:

N14E70 (-861", 209")

See for images and
for a description of the current Max Millennium Observing Plan.


Ying Li (Purple Mountain Observatory)