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MM#003 Major Flare Watch

Dear Collaborators,

The level of solar activity is high. Target region NOAA 13256 grew
in spot area and longitudinal extent since the last message, being
reclassified as a beta-gamma/F-type sunspot group. This region has
continued to be the most flare-productive region, being the source
of multiple C-class flares and the largest flare in the period - a
X1.2 on 29-Mar-2023 at 02:18 UT. At this point we are initiating a
MM#003 Major Flare Watch on NOAA 13256. C-class flares are expected
over the following 24-hour period, with a chance for another flare
>M5 as NOAA 13256 rotates towards to the West limb.

The position of NOAA 13256 on 29-Mar-2023 at 13:00 UT is:

S22W69 , ( 833", -321" )

See for images and
for a description of the current Max Millennium Observing Plan.


Shaun Bloomfield (Northumbria University)