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MM#009 Default Target

Dear Collaborators,

Solar activity has diminished since the last message. The target region
NOAA 13500 (S18W65, beta-gamma/E-type) and some west limb
regions produced the vast majority of flare activity in the period, the
largest event being a C4.0 flare at 07:54 UT today attributed to NOAA
13499 near the southwest limb (S23W89). The target will remain on
13500 due to its magnetic complexity and its past flaring history.
Further C-class activity is expected over the next 24 hours, with a
slight chance for low M-class flares.

The position of NOAA 13500 on 3-Dec-2023 at 12:30 UT is:

S18W65, (840",-305")

See for images and
for a description of the current Max Millennium Observing Plan.


De-Chao Song (Purple Mountain Observatory)