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MM#009 Default Target

Dear Collaborators,

Solar activity was at a low level. The largest event during the
period was a C5.8 flare at 17:16 UT on May 25 produced by
yesterday's target NOAA 13679. This region has rotated beyond
the west limb. Today the target will switch back to NOAA 13685
(S13W48) that has a beta-gamma/E-type configuration. If possible,
please also include the nearby region 13686 (S08W40, beta/C-type)
in the field of view. These two regions produced two low C-class
flares in the past 24 hours. C-class activities are expected in
the next 24 hours.

The position of NOAA 13685 on May 25 at 19:30 UT is:

S13W48 (687", -198")

See for images and
for a description of the current Max Millennium Observing Plan.


Ying Li (Purple Mountain Observatory)