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\f0\fs24 \cf0 MFW Documentation README\
Use template for web page in TOOLS\
Cover from one day before to one day after MFW period\
Times of images chosen ~0-1 hours before time of MOTD. i.e.: time given in MOTD + correction listed in MOTD \
Columns 1 and 2: SDO Browse Page\\
Select browse by day, enter date at time = 00UT, choose HMI Magnetogram or Intensitygram, choose display images, 1024 x 1024, one image per 10th.\
Insert image into table with 256x256 dimensions, put image name into three different fields: image location, alternate text, link.\
Column 3: Gong H-alpha\\
Choose Archive, then Large JPG result, then YYYYMM, then YYYYMMDD, then d/l images of appropriate time.  Have used C files when MOTD time is 15-20 UT.\
Column 4: Yentis e-mails, MM_CO notes\
Column 5: MOTD\}