MM_CO Manual: MOTD Check List
Last updated January 2019

A typical MOTD looks like:
MM#009 Default Target

Dear Collaborators,

Solar flare activity continues at a low level. The largest event
in the past 24 hours was a C3.2 at 02/01/11:33 UT produced
by decaying region NOAA 2268 (S10W54). Target region
NOAA 2277 is displaying minor flux emergence within the
leading portion of its F-type/beta-gamma sunspot group.
C-class events probable with an isolated M-class event in
the next 24 hour period.

The position of NOAA 2277 on February 01 at 16:35 UT is:
N08E23 (Solar X = -378", Solar Y = 229")

See for images and
for a description of the current Max Millennium Observing Plan.


Bill Marquette (Helio Research)
The usual components of any MOTD are: After you send out the MOTD, check your own mail and the MOTD archive to make sure your message went to the list and was archived.