Downflows and Structure above Solar Flare Arcades

Possible Signatures of Reconnection Outflows

by David E. McKenzie

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  1. Initial findings: McKenzie & Hudson (1999, Astrophysical Journal, 519, L93) PDF format

  2. Newest paper: McKenzie (2000, Solar Physics, 195, 381)
    PDF format,
    PS format,
    Gzipped PS format,
    associated movies (These 5 "Enclosures" will appear on CD-ROM with the Solar Physics article.)

  3. X-ray images from the 20 January 1999 solar flare (previously unpublished, but "land_fig.gif" will appear on McKenzie's poster at the Lake Tahoe meeting). Except for the first JAVA Script movie, these are simply different presentations of three frames from the SXT movie: a bright arcade is shown, with arrows indicating the location of a downward-moving X-ray-dark feature.

  4. X-ray images that will appear on McKenzie's poster at the SPD meeting:

  5. Cartoons:

David E. McKenzie
Montana State University