Solar Eclipse observed by the Yohkoh Soft X-Ray Telescope


The 1999 Eclipse

A total solar eclipse has just happened on a track stretching from England to India. Yohkoh was well-positioned to see two episodes of this eclipse - the moving satellite goes faster than the Sun's shadow, usually resulting in multiple eclipse episodes. The movie below (click on the image) should show it happening only about four hours after the fact - we need a bit of time to get data back from the satellite, which needs to pass over Kagoshima for radio contact after the data have been taken and stored on-board.

A 1998 eclipse, two views

An annular solar eclipse over SE Asia took place at 22 Aug 1998. Yohkoh was well-positioned to see four (!) episodes of this solar eclipse. Two of these episodes are shown here

Please also see the predictions prepared by M. Soma for this eclipse. Our full list of science nuggets contains several others dealing with eclipses and transits of Mercury. They can easily be found using the search capability on that page.

We thank D. Alexander for preparing these movies of the August 1998 eclipses.

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August 9, 1999