B. Ravindra

Postdoctoral Research Scholar
                                              I am currently involved in many projects, working with
                                              the people at MSU and the people at NWRA/CORA
                                              Helicity measurement in active regions                                 
                                              Measuring the velocity fields and then estimate the spin and
                                              braiding helicity of various  active regions especially the rotating
                                              sunspots. Working with Dana Longcope & Graham Barnes.
                                              Measuring 3 components of the velocity field using MEF
                                              Minimum Energy Fit a velocity inversion technique, which uses
                                              vector magnetogram time sequence and induction equation to
                                              estimate the velocity of magnetic footpoints motion. Working
                                              with Dana Longcope.
                                              Moving Magnetic Features in sunspot penumbra
                                              Observational study of Moving Magnetic Features such as its
                                              origin,  velocity, its orientation and many more properties using
                                              high-resolution magnetograms, Dopplergrams & continuum images.
                                              Searching for magnetic field strength oscillations in sunspots
                                              Observational study of searching for a magnetic field strength
                                              fluctuations in sunspots.  Also, looking for the higher frequency
                                              components of oscillations in sunspots. What is the phase relationship
                                              between the velocity and magnetic field strength oscillation? etc.
                                              High  resolution  imaging of the Sun in Optical and EUV
                                              Observational study of small scale magnetic features seen in G-band,
                                              Ca II H, H_alpha, C IV 1600 A and ofcourse in high resolution
                                              magnetic images.