B. Ravindra

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

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                                                                  Fields Using Combination of Minimum Energy Fit, Local Correlation Tracking
                                                                  and Doppler Velocity, Astrophysical Journal, (Submitted).

                                                        Proceedings (refereed)________________________________________________________

                                                (1) Ravindra, B. & Venkatakrishnan, P.: The excitation of Helium ion in the
                                                              solar atmosphere, in proceedings of silver jubilee meeting of Udaipur
                                                              Solar Observatory, 'Probing the Sun with high resolution' held at Udaipur
                                                              2001, Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi, 2003.
                                                        (2) Ravindra, B.: Quiet Sun chromospheric network magnetic field, BASI, 31,
                                                              297, 2003.

                                                        (3) Venkatakrishnan, P., Brajesh Kumar & Ravindra, B.:  On the rapid variations
                                                              of  solar magnetic fields,  BASI, 31, 299, 2003.

                                                        (4) Ravindra, B.: Evolution of magnetic fields in the solar atmosphere, BASI,
                                                              33, 333, 2005.
                                                        (5)  Ravindra, B. & Longcope, D. W.: Inductive magnetic footpoint tracking by
                                                               combining the minimum energy fit with the local correlation tracking and
                                                               Doppler velocity, Journal of Astroph. Astron. (2007), (Submitted).

                                                        Ph. D Thesis____________________________________________________________________

                                                        (1) Ravindra, B.: "Evolution of Magnetic Fields in the Solar Atmosphere", Udaipur
                                                              Solar Observatory, Physical Research Laboratory, Udaipur, 2004.

                                                        Graduate School Project work_________________________________________________

                                                         (1) Manoj, P., Ravindra. B & Prabhu, T. P.:  Astronomical seeing at Mt. Saraswati,
                                                               Hanle, Report on the project undertaken as  a part of graduate school at 
                                                               Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore,  December 1998.