Week Eight

July 20, 2009

Starting to complete the data that I need to finish my project.

-Redo RHESSI images using the newly learned settings
    *Clean Images
          i) Use detectors 3-9
          ii)use uniform weighting
          iii)In advance settings change the clean beam width factor to 2
    *Pixon Images
       i)set image dimensions(pixel) 64x64
       ii) assuming to use uniform weighting
       iii) set Pixon parameters to Fast Algorithm **only if you have higher than 300 MB
       iv) In advance settings increase pixon sensitivity to .5

-Redo Mdi
-Complete the graphs that displays the data from the spectral graphs.
    i) time intervals vs temp(keV)
          *Detector 3 and 4
          * weighted average with respect to the emission measure
          *An average over both detectors 3 and 4

    ii) time intervals vs emission measure (10^49*cm^-3)
          *Detector 3 and 4
          *weighted average- Question: Do I take the weighted average with respect to emission measure if I'm graphing time vs emission measure? or Should I take the                        weighted average with respect to temperature? If so how do I calculate the weighted measure with respect to temperature in order to have the units in volume?
          * An average over both detectors 3 and 4

-Complete the overlay with the TRACE Data
    i)overlay topology
    ii) overlay RHESSI contours

As of today I've made new RHESSI images using the clean algorithm. The results are different from the first time I made the images and this made me think that they can be right or I need to use Pixon to have a clearer image. The results are as follows:

 Energy contours ranging from:
6-12 keV-blue
12-25 keV-maroon
25-50 keV -black
30-100 keV-cyan




July 21, 2009

Time vs Temperature


Time vs emission measure



Made Pixon images but the only setting that RHESSI would not let me change was the detector setting. I was forced to use detectors 4-8.

Time: 1:54:40-1:55:00 UT








July 22, 2009




Same topology and RHESSI Contours but different time from TRACE.

TRACE Time: 2:01:14                                                                                                                      TRACE Time: 2:01:44




TRACE Time: 2:03:14                                                                                                         TRACE Time: 2:05:47




I noticed that when I overlayed the RHESSI contours over different TRACE times the positioned slightly changed. I thought if I made several movies for each individual energy interval, I would see the RHESSI contours change in position with respect to TRACE time.

TRACE 6-12 keV
TRACE 12-25 keV
TRACE 25-50 keV

July 23, 2009

After reviewing yesterdays work with Angela we found some errors  I need to correct.

-I was able to make RHESSI images with detectors 3-9.
From there I'm remaking all of the TRACE overlays using the new fits files from the pixon images.
-Make new movies

New and Final RHESSI Pixon Images

Time: 1:54:40-1:55:00



Time 1:57:40-1:58:30


Time: 1:58:30-1:59:40



Time: 1:59:40-2:00:50



Time: 2:00:50-2:02:00



Time: 2:03:08-2:06:00



New TRACE overlay movies:

TRACE 171 6-12 keV
TRACE 171 12-25 keV
TRACE 171 25-50 keV
TRACE 171 6-50 keV