Graham Kerr
M.S.U Solar REU 2010

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 About Me

Hi there!

I am a student in Montana State University's Solar Physics REU program and for the summer of 2010 I will be working with Prof. Jiong Qiu and Prof. Richard Canfield.

We are researching some problems involving solar flares, in particular the study of 'Magnetic Reconnection in Solar Eruptive Events.' My project is to look into the 15th Jan 2005 Solar Flare, which is a two-ribbon flare. I will be performing some UV analysis, and comparing the properties of magnetic reconnection  learn to the HXR results. Also, I will be looking at the decay of UV sources as a cause for the presence of ribbons. Over the coming weeks I'll be updating this weblog with the results of my research, and I will also have my final presentation and report uploaded.

Research Log

Final Presentation