About Me:

My name is Ryan Payne and I'm from Pequannock, NJ ( Don't worry no one's ever heard of it). I'm a rising senior at Lafayette College in Easton, PA where I've been studying Physics. Last summer I worked on the ALFALFA Galaxy Groups project, which used neutral hydrogen data to examine the extent of several Compact galaxy Groups. This summer I'll be working with Dana Longcope studying the heating and cooling of Plasma in a Solar Flare. Besides physics, I'm addicted to karate. I've been training in Okinwawan Goju-Ryu for over 15 years, and I don't think I could stop even if I wanted to. I also LOVE television shows: Fringe, Bones, Dexter, Californication, The X-files, jeez the list goes on. I'm not even gonna attempt listing favorite books. Ok enough about me, I'll just post some cool links below

Some fun links

The Onion: Always Funny

XKCD: Must-have for any science major

KarateByJesse: Karate Blogs are always interesting

GoshinKai HeadQuarters: Figure I'd post the website for my Karate Organization

Lafayette College: And here's my college

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