Thomas Howson

REU Student - Summer 2014
Montana State University

Contact :

Office : EPS 230

Advisors : Professor Longcope and Professor Qiu

Simulating Shocks in Solar Flares

I am currently a third year undergraduate studying Mathematics at the University of St Andrews. This summer I am working in Bozeman on simulating shocks during solar flares under the supervision of Professor Dana Longcope. I will study how magnetic reconnection releases energy to heat solar plasma to excesses of 10MK and how the inital configuration of magnetic field lines influences the density and temperature of the shocked fluid.

Research Log and Final Presentation

Week 1 : Introduction and Orientation

Week 2 : Initial Investigation of Coronal Loops

Week 3 : Welcome to the Other Wavelengths

Week 4 : Loop Selection

Week 5 : Modelling Loops

Week 6 : Peak Intensity Delays

Week 7 : PREFT Light Curves

Final Presentation



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