Summer 2024 REU Projects

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Data analysis with 
Keiji Yoshimura and Rhiannon Fleming
  Exploring Relationship between Solar X-ray Irradiance and Magnetic Flux
The Solar corona is known to have much higher temperature than the layers located underneath, but its heating mechanism is still unclear. In this project we will approach this unknown mechanism by comparing soft X-ray irradiance and magnetic flux data obtained by two solar space missions.
Data analysis with 
Anne Lohfink
  Probing the Accretion of Supermassive Black Holes with X-ray Observations
Accretion onto black holes is one of the most efficient processes for emitting energy from matter in the Universe. In this project, students will analyze X-ray observations from accreting supermassive black holes.

Note: Applying for this project will be more competitive, compared to the others offered as part of this REU.

Data analysis with 
Jiong Qiu
  Properties of Magnetic Reconnection in Solar Flares
Solar flares release a large amount of energy stored in the Sun's magnetic field by a mechanism called magnetic reconnection. In this project, student will analyze state-of-the-art observations of flares, and measure properites of magnetic reconnection that governs energy release in flares.
Modeling with 
Hang Yu
  Optimizing the network sensitivity of gravitational wave detectors across the globe
Since the first gravitational wave detection several years ago, more and more gravitational wave detectors are coming online. But is there an optimal way to place them? In this project we will explore placement options and their implications.
Simulations with 
Dana Longcope
  Numerical models of interchange reconnection
Ever wondered how computers simulate supersonic flows? In this project, you will use numerical simulations to explore a fundamental process driving the solar wind.  
SSEL Activities
Hardware development with 
John Sample
  Space Hardware Development: Space Flight Systems for Space Science
Join our Small Satellite Team for Summer 2024! MSU's Space Science and Engineering Laboratory (SSEL) involves science and engineering students in highly responsible roles associated with the development of space flight systems for scientific applications. The student(s) will develop spaceflight hardware through design, development, and testing as a member of an interdisciplinary project student team.  
Optical instrumentation with
Joe Shaw
  Spectral imaging of Moon polarization
Dr. Shaw's group has pioneered the use of polarization imaging for atmospheric science. In this project, we will measure scattered moonlight with polarization imaging, and use these measurements to study the atmosphere. Student will participating in making observational measurements and data analysis.