Hello! My name is Shanara Spang.  Most people know me as Shanny.  I'm from the Northern Cheyenne Reservation and I'm also Crow.  I graduated from highschool in May 2000.  I plan on attending MSU-Bozeman in the Fall.  I spent my summer at MAP and it was AWESOME!

While at MAP, I had the opportunity to work with the Solar Physics Group.  We were under Professor Richard Canfield, and Trish Jibben, an undergraduate student who worked with us.  Donald Kintzing was also in the lab and he helped us learn the UNIX computer. Kendall and I worked all summer digitizing and analyzing coronagraph videos of the sun and then writing them to CDs.  The CDs were sent to a collaborator in Japan who was interested in studying the videos.  We worked on a UNIX computer, which was a new experience for me.  I learned the basics of the UNIX computer while at the same time learning more about the sun.  I also had the opportunity to study a college-level physics book.  This was really helpful to me since I will be attending MSU-Bozeman and will most likely take a physics class in the near future.  It prepared me for the high expectations of college.  Participating in the MAP Program also helped me become acquainted with the campus.  Overall, MAP was a rewarding experience and I'm glad I utilized my summer to it's fullest.

Click on this picture to see the presentation Kendall and I gave a the end of the MAP Program.


My hobbies are playing sports, such as basketball, volleyball, and softball.  I also like to read, surf the web, hang out with my frineds and spend time with my family.  Listening to music is also a favorite hobby of mine.  I listen to just about any type of music mostly country and rap though.  I also love to watch the NBA.  My favorite team is the New York Knicks.