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Important Information:

Signup sheets at the registration desk

You can find some signup sheets at the registration desk
[shuttle : Hotel <--> SUB (everyday)]
 8:00 -- 8:30 am   pickup at Hotel
 after 6:00pm      pickup at SUB
[Airport Dropoff : Hotel/SUB --> Airport (everyday)]
 You need to write the pickup time in the sheet.
 It takes about 30min to the airport.
[shuttle : Recreation on Thursday]
 - Hiking (to the mount "M"):
    1:30pm   pickup at SUB
    5:00pm   back to Hotel
 - Hotspring
    1:45pm   pickup at SUB
    4:30pm   back to Hotel
[shuttle : Banquet on Thursday]
 6:00pm pickup at SUB/Hotels (doing recreation)
 5:00pm pickup at SUB/Hotels (NOT doing recreation)
[Yellowstone Trip on Saturday]
 Just for Self-Organized trip.

Note for Speakers, Session Chairs and Poster Presenters

If you are scheduled to give a talk, please contact your session chairman and the organizer in charge of audio-video set-up to make sure that the electronic file of your talk is uploaded (prior to the start of your session) in the conference computer (MS Windows-XP operating system) and works as intended. Speakers in the morning session should do this the previous day evening. Session Chairs are responsible for ensuring this. Attendees scheduled to make a poster presentation will have a poster space of 5x6 feet (if you are not in the main schedule you have been assigned to the poster session). Please ensure that your poster fits within these dimensions.

Travel Information

Bozeman is a University town in the State of Montana and situated amidst the Rocky Mountains in the North-Western part of the United States. Bozeman is connected by air to major airline hubs such as Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City and Minneapolis. The airlines that service Bozeman include Northwest (KLM), United, Delta, Alaska, Horizon and their partners airlines. Bozeman's airport code is BZN and the airport is often referred to as Gallatin Field Airport. The airport is about 10 miles (typically 30 minutes drive) from the heart of the town. Airport shuttle service (All Valley Cabs, Phone: 406-388-9999) and car rentals are available at the airport; prior reservations are recommended (either call the shuttle service or refer to websites below for car rental reservations).

Other nearby airports are Billings (about 141 miles, 2 hours drive) and Butte (87 miles, 1 hour and 15 minutes drive); no shuttle service is available from these nearby towns to Bozeman and one has to make their own arrangements, for example, a rented car. From a logistic point of view, flying into Bozeman's Gallatin Field Airport (BZN) is the most sensible choice.

Transportation and Car Rental:

Bozeman Area Information:

Note that public transportation within Bozeman is minimal. Therefore, if you do not prefer to drive, we encourage you to stay in the University dorm rooms, which is within walking distance (10 minutes) of the conference venue. We may provide shuttle service from other hotels to the conference venue depending on the demand.


Summer time in Bozeman is beautiful with occasional surprises such as a snow-storm (although chances of that happening are about the same as running into a Grizzly Bear in the middle of town). Typical temperature (high-low) ranges between 74F - 44F (23.33C - 06.67C). For updated weather information refer to this web page.

Recreational Opportunities

An optional half-day activity is being planned which will include options for hiking, fly-fishing, river-floating, white water rafting or soaking in a nearby hotspring! Pending sufficient interest, a full-day trip to the nearby Yellowstone National Park may be organized on the Saturday (June 7) after the meeting. Please indicate your choices in the online registration form. And ofcourse, you are free to plan your own independent recreational trips on the weekends before or after the meeting.

Green Workshop

Have you wondered about how much plastic and paper is typically wasted in conferences -- either in the form of cups or in the form of conference materials and their impact on the environment? We have tried to minimize the usage of these materials and have provided you with the option of having the abstract and informational booklet in the form of a CD or electronic file. We are also providing you with a small metal water bottle along with the conference material; it is our hope that you will carry this every day to the workshop and will abstain from using paper or plastic cups. We will also provide a bin where you can drop-off your plastic name-tag holders and other reusable conference materials (at the end of the workshop) so that they can be recycled. Small steps towards a "green" workshop...

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