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2nd Announcement:
Registration, abstract submission, financial support and housing application opens

This International Workshop will bring together solar and space physicists, climatologists and other interested scientists to discuss and explore the physics of solar variability and the pathways through which the latter influences our space environment and the global climate. We live in a time in which understanding the causes and consequences of global climate change and protecting our rapidly developing technologies in space and on Earth are becoming increasingly important. This workshop seeks to directly address these diverse but connected sciences, enabling a cross-disciplinary dialogue and exchange of ideas that is expected to positively impact our overall understanding of the Sun-Earth system. Covered subject areas would include the physics of the solar interior, the solar atmosphere, the heliosphere, the Earth's atmosphere and climate. Physical process that would be discussed would range in timescales relevant for space weather to space climate, with special emphasis on the latter. Beyond a comprehensive invited lecture program, four Working Group/Open Discussion sessions are also planned - which will focus on recent developments in the fields of 1) Solar Irradiance Modeling, 2) Progress in Space Weather Modeling and Forecasting, 3) Long-term Solar Variability, Solar-Stellar Connection and Space Climate 4) Solar Influence on Global Climate.

The workshop is sponsored by CAWSES, Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology Center, IHY, Montana State University and the NASA-LWS Program.

With this announcement we formally open the online registration, abstraction submission, housing and financial support application process, which can be accessed through the meeting website:

We seek contributed presentations, which will be distributed into talks and posters. Contingent upon the availability of sufficient funding, travel and local hospitality support would be provided to a limited number of students and early-career scientists.

Important Deadlines:

  • Financial Support Application: March 28, 2008
  • Registration, Abstract and Housing: April 11, 2008

Venue and Recreational Opportunities:

The workshop will be hosted by Montana State University in the town of Bozeman, nestled amongst the US Northern Rockies and offering outstanding opportunities for outdoor recreation. A planned half-day recreational program (pending sufficient interest) would include opportunities for hiking, fly-fishing, hot-spring trip, river-floating or white-water rafting. Independently contracted tour-operators would arrange visits to the Yellowstone National Park (90 miles from Bozeman) on the weekends immediately preceding and following the meeting.

We encourage you to register, submit your abstract and housing application early. Summer being a busy tourist season in Bozeman, this will increase your chances of securing the reserved local accommodation. In particular, International participants who require visas to visit the Unites States, should complete this process early in order to allow sufficient time for invitation letters to be sent and the subsequent processing of visas.

We look forward to seeing you in Bozeman, Montana.

LOC: Dibyendu Nandi (Chair), Dana Longcope, Piet Martens, Jiong Qiu, Toni Lee and Keiji Yoshimura

SOC: Judit Pap (Chair), Werner Schmutz (Co-chair), Susan Avery, Tom Bogdan, Joe Davila, Piet Martens, Raimund Muscheler, Kalevi Mursula, Dibyendi Nandi, Dean Pesnell, Doug Rabin, Jan Rybak, Kazunari Shibata, Drew Shindell and Gerard Thuillier

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