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Submitter Title Authors Date
Jaume TerradasOne dimensional prominence threads: I. Equilibrium models J. Terradas, M. Luna, R. Soler, R. Oliver, M. Carbonell, J. L Ballester 2021-06-15
Istvan BallaiTime-dependent properties of sunspot groups - I. Lifetime and asymmetric evolution E. Forgacs-Dajka, L. Dobos, I. Ballai 2021-06-15
Erika PalmerioInvestigating Remote-sensing Techniques to Reveal Stealth Coronal Mass Ejections Erika Palmerio, Nariaki V. Nitta, Tamitha Mulligan, Marilena Mierla, Jennifer O'Kane, Ian G. Richardson, Suvadip Sinha, Nandita Srivastava, Stephanie L. Yardley, Andrei N. Zhukov 2021-06-14
Alexander NindosALMA observations of the variability of the quiet Sun at millimeter wavelengths A. Nindos, S. Patsourakos, C.E. Alissandrakis, T.S. Bastian 2021-06-14
Markus, J. AschwandenThe Poissonian origin of power laws in solar flare waiting time distributions Aschwanden,M.J., Johnson,J.R., and Nurhan,Y. 2021-06-11
Markus J. AschwandenCorrelation of the sunspot number and the waiting time distribution of solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and solar wind switchback events observed with the Parker Solar Probe Aschwanden, M.J. and Dudok de Wit, T. 2021-06-11
Markus J. AschwandenSelf-organized criticality in stellar flares Aschwanden, M.J.and Guedel, M. 2021-06-11
Markus J. AschwandenFinite system-size effectrs in self-organizing criticality systems Aschwanden, M.J. 2021-06-11
Markus J. AschwandenGlobal energetics of solar flares. XII. Energy scaling laws Aschwanden, M.J. 2021-06-11
Markus J. AschwandenGlobal energetics of solar flares. XI. Flare magnitude predictions of the GOES class Aschwanden, M.J. 2021-06-11
Xudong SunAre the Magnetic Fields Radial in the Solar Polar Region? Xudong Sun, Yang Liu, Ivan Milić, Ana Belén Griñón Marín 2021-06-03
Dmitrii KolotkovFast magnetoacoustic wave trains: from tadpoles to boomerangs Dmitrii Y. Kolotkov, Valery M. Nakariakov, Guy Moss, Paul Shellard 2021-05-31
Robert JarolimMulti-channel coronal hole detection with convolutional neural networks R. Jarolim, A.M. Veronig, S. Hofmeister, S.G. Heinemann, M. Temmer, T. Podladchikova, K. Dissauer 2021-05-31
Juliana VieveringFOXSI-2 Solar Microflares. II. Hard X-ray Imaging Spectroscopy and Flare Energetics Juliana T. Vievering, Lindsay Glesener, P. S. Athiray, Juan Camilo Buitrago-Casas, Sophie Musset, Daniel F. Ryan, Shin-nosuke Ishikawa, Jessie Duncan, Steven Christe, and Säm Krucker 2021-05-21
Chaowei JiangStructure and Evolution of an Inter–Active Region Large-scale Magnetic Flux Rope Aiying Duan, Chaowei Jiang, Peng Zou, Xueshang Feng, and Jun Cui 2021-05-21
Chaowei JiangVariation of Magnetic Flux Ropes through Major Solar Flares Aiying Duan, Chaowei Jiang, Zhenjun Zhou, Xueshang Feng, and Jun Cui 2021-05-21
Chaowei JiangMHD Modeling of Solar Coronal Magnetic Evolution Driven by Photospheric Flow Chaowei Jiang, Xinkai Bian, Tingting Sun, Xueshang Feng 2021-05-21
Chaowei JiangThe Causes of Peripheral Coronal Loop Contraction and Disappearance Revealed in a Magnetohydrodynamic Simulation of Solar Eruption Juntao Wang, Chaowei Jiang*, Ding Yuan, and Peng Zou 2021-05-21
Dan SeatonThe Sun's Dynamic Extended Corona Observed in Extreme Ultraviolet Daniel B. Seaton, J. Marcus Hughes, Sivakumara K. Tadikonda, Amir Caspi, Craig DeForest, Alexander Krimchansky, Neal E. Hurlburt, Ralph Seguin, Gregory Slater 2021-05-20
Rahul SharmaMagnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Spicular Jet Propagation Applied to Lower Solar Atmosphere Model Fionnlagh Mackenzie Dover, Rahul Sharma and Robertus Erdélyi 2021-05-19

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Thermal Trigger for Solar Flares II: Effect of the Guide Magnetic Field
The role of non-axisymmetry of magnetic flux rope in constraining solar eruptions
Energy budget of plasma motions, heating, and electron acceleration in a three-loop solar flare
Space weather: the solar perspective - an update to Schwenn (2006)
Mixed properties of slow magnetoacoustic and entropy waves in a plasma with heating/cooling misbalance
The morphology of average solar flare time profiles from observations of the Sun's lower atmosphere
Indications of stellar coronal mass ejections through coronal dimmings
Could switchbacks originate in the lower solar atmosphere? II. Propagation of switchbacks in the solar corona
Solar large-scale magnetic field and cycle patterns in solar dynamo
Three-dimensional magnetic reconnection in astrophysical plasmas
Energy partition in a confined flare with an extreme-ultraviolet late phase
Alfvén wave heating in partially ionized thin threads of solar prominences
He I 10830Å Dimming During Solar Flares, I: The Crucial Role of Non-Thermal Collisional Ionisations
Separating aa-index into Solar and Hale Cycle Related Components Using Principal Component Analysis
Inward Propagating Plasma Parcels in the Solar Corona: Models with Aerodynamic Drag, Ablation, and Snowplow Accretion
Energetics and 3-D Structure of Elementary Events in Solar Coronal Heating
Stellar Superflares Observed Simultaneously with Kepler and XMM-Newton
Medium-term predictions of F10.7 and F30 cm solar radio flux with the adaptive Kalman filter
Resonances in a Coronal Loop Driven by Torsional Alfvén Waves Propagating from the Photosphere
Effects of external flow on resonant absorption of coronal loop kink oscillations driven by an external fast wave: Selective excitation problem

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