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Markus J. AschwandenThe Solar Memory From Hours to Decades Aschwanden, M.J. and Johnson, J.R. 2021-07-29
Mariia PelekhataSolar chromosphere heating and generation of plasma outflows by impulsively generated two-fluid Alfvén waves M. Pelekhata, K. Murawski, S. Poedts 2021-07-26
Salvatore MancusoRadio evidence for a shock wave reflected by a coronal hole S. Mancuso, A. Bemporad, F. Frassati, D. Barghini, S. Giordano, D. Telloni, C. Taricco 2021-07-22
Astrid VeronigHemispheric sunspot numbers 1874 - 2020 A.M. Veronig, S. Jain, T. Podladchikova, W. Pötzi, F. Clette 2021-07-22
Radoslav BučíkTemperature in Solar Sources of 3He-rich Solar Energetic Particles and Relation to Ion Abundances Bučík, R., Mulay, S. M., Mason, G. M., Nitta, N. V., Desai, M. I., Dayeh, M. A. 2021-07-21
Radoslav BučíkThe long period of 3He-rich solar energetic particles measured by Solar Orbiter 2020 November 17–23 Bučík, R., Mason, G. M., Gomez-Herrero, R., Lario, D., Balmaceda, et al. 2021-07-21
Jason T. L. WangTracing Hα Fibrils through Bayesian Deep Learning Haodi Jiang, Ju Jing, Jiasheng Wang, Chang Liu, Qin Li, Yan Xu, Jason T. L. Wang, Haimin Wang 2021-07-18
Jeffrey ReepEnergetics and 3-D Structure of Elementary Events in Solar Coronal Heating G. Einaudi, R.B. Dahlburg, I. Ugarte-Urra, J.W. Reep, A.F. Rappazzo, M. Velli 2021-07-15
Jeffrey ReepForecasting the Remaining Duration of an Ongoing Solar Flare Jeffrey W. Reep & Will T. Barnes 2021-07-15
Chaowei JiangA fundamental mechanism of solar eruption initiation Chaowei Jiang, Xueshang Feng, Rui Liu, XiaoLi Yan, Qiang Hu, Ronald L. Moore, Aiying Duan, Jun Cui, Pingbing Zuo, Yi Wang & Fengsi Wei 2021-07-12
Leonid LedentsovThermal Trigger for Solar Flares III: Effect of the Oblique Layer Fragmentation Leonid Ledentsov 2021-07-09
David BrooksMeasurements of Coronal Magnetic Field Strengths in Solar Active Region Loops David H. Brooks, Harry P. Warren, Enrico Landi 2021-07-06
Yan YanCharacteristic time of stellar flares on Sun-like stars Y Yan, H He, C Li, A Esamdin, B L Tan, L Y Zhang, H Wang 2021-07-02
Takahito SakaueM-dwarf's Chromosphere, Corona and Wind Connection via the Nonlinear Alfvén Wave Takahito Sakaue and Kazunari Shibata 2021-06-25
Inigo ArreguiBayesian evidence for a nonlinear damping model for coronal loop oscillations I. Arregui 2021-06-24
Daikichi SEKISmall-scale Turbulent Motion of the Plasma in a Solar Filament as the Precursor of Eruption Daikichi Seki, Kenichi Otsuji, Hiroaki Isobe, Giulio Del Zanna, Takako T. Ishii, Takahito Sakaue, Kiyoshi Ichimoto, Kazunari Shibata 2021-06-22
Andrey AfanasyevValidation of the PDFI_SS method for electric field inversions using a magnetic flux emergence simulation Andrey N. Afanasyev, Maria D. Kazachenko, Yuhong Fan, George H. Fisher, Benoit Tremblay 2021-06-21
Rui LiuInvestigation on the Spatiotemporal Structures of Supra-Arcade Spikes Rui Liu & Yuming Wang 2021-06-21
Manu GuptaMagnetic helicity and energy budget around large confined and eruptive solar flares Manu Gupta, J. K. Thalmann, A. M. Veronig 2021-06-16
Jaume TerradasOne dimensional prominence threads: I. Equilibrium models J. Terradas, M. Luna, R. Soler, R. Oliver, M. Carbonell, J. L Ballester 2021-06-15

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The Poissonian origin of power laws in solar flare waiting time distributions
The Poissonian origin of power laws in solar flare waiting time distributions
Correlation of the sunspot number and the waiting time distribution of solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and solar wind switchback events observed with the Parker Solar Probe
Self-organized criticality in stellar flares
Finite system-size effectrs in self-organizing criticality systems
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Global energetics of solar flares. XI. Flare magnitude predictions of the GOES class
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Fast magnetoacoustic wave trains: from tadpoles to boomerangs
Multi-channel coronal hole detection with convolutional neural networks
FOXSI-2 Solar Microflares. II. Hard X-ray Imaging Spectroscopy and Flare Energetics
Structure and Evolution of an Inter–Active Region Large-scale Magnetic Flux Rope
Variation of Magnetic Flux Ropes through Major Solar Flares
MHD Modeling of Solar Coronal Magnetic Evolution Driven by Photospheric Flow
The Causes of Peripheral Coronal Loop Contraction and Disappearance Revealed in a Magnetohydrodynamic Simulation of Solar Eruption
The Sun's Dynamic Extended Corona Observed in Extreme Ultraviolet
Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Spicular Jet Propagation Applied to Lower Solar Atmosphere Model

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