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Galina MotorinaEnergy budget of plasma motions, heating, and electron acceleration in a three-loop solar flare Gregory D. Fleishman, Lucia Kleint, Galina G. Motorina, Gelu M. Nita, Eduard P. Kontar 2021-05-03
Manuela TemmerSpace weather: the solar perspective - an update to Schwenn (2006) M. Temmer 2021-04-28
Dmitrii KolotkovMixed properties of slow magnetoacoustic and entropy waves in a plasma with heating/cooling misbalance D.I. Zavershinskii, D.Y. Kolotkov, D.S. Riashchikov, N.E. Molevich 2021-04-27
Larisa KashapovaThe morphology of average solar flare time profiles from observations of the Sun's lower atmosphere Larisa K. Kashapova, Anne-Marie Broomhall, Alena I. Larionova, Elena G. Kupriyanova, Ilya D. Motyk 2021-04-24
Astrid VeronigIndications of stellar coronal mass ejections through coronal dimmings Astrid M. Veronig, Petra Odert, Martin Leitzinger, Karin Dissauer, Nikolaus C. Fleck, Hugh S. Hudson 2021-04-23
Norbert MagyarCould switchbacks originate in the lower solar atmosphere? II. Propagation of switchbacks in the solar corona Magyar, Norbert; Utz, Dominik; Erdélyi, Robertus; Nakariakov, Valery M. 2021-04-21
Valery PipinSolar large-scale magnetic field and cycle patterns in solar dynamo V.N. Obridko, V.V. Pipin, D.D. Sokoloff, A.S. Shibalova 2021-04-16
Ting LiThree-dimensional magnetic reconnection in astrophysical plasmas Ting Li, Eric Priest and Ruilong Guo 2021-04-13
Qingmin ZhangEnergy partition in a confined flare with an extreme-ultraviolet late phase Q. M. Zhang, J. X. Cheng, Y. Dai, K. V. Tam, and A. A. Xu 2021-04-08
Llorenç MelisAlfvén wave heating in partially ionized thin threads of solar prominences Llorenç Melis, Roberto Soler, and José Luis Ballester 2021-04-01
Graham S. KerrHe I 10830Å Dimming During Solar Flares, I: The Crucial Role of Non-Thermal Collisional Ionisations Graham S. Kerr, Yan Xu, Joel C. Allred, Vanessa Polito, Viacheslav M. Sadykov, Nengyi Huang and Haimin Wang 2021-03-31
Jouni TakaloSeparating aa-index into Solar and Hale Cycle Related Components Using Principal Component Analysis Jouni J. Takalo 2021-03-31
Steven CranmerInward Propagating Plasma Parcels in the Solar Corona: Models with Aerodynamic Drag, Ablation, and Snowplow Accretion Steven R. Cranmer, Craig E. DeForest, and Sarah E. Gibson 2021-03-26
Ignacio Ugarte-UrraEnergetics and 3-D Structure of Elementary Events in Solar Coronal Heating G. Einaudi, R.B. Dahlburg, I. Ugarte-Urra, J.W. Reep, A.F. Rappazzo, M. Velli 2021-03-25
Alexey KuznetsovStellar Superflares Observed Simultaneously with Kepler and XMM-Newton Kuznetsov, A.A., Kolotkov, D.Y. 2021-03-21
Tatiana PodladchikovaMedium-term predictions of F10.7 and F30 cm solar radio flux with the adaptive Kalman filter Elena Petrova, Tatiana Podladchikova, Astrid M. Veronig, Stijn Lemmens, Benjamin Bastida Virgili, Tim Flohrer 2021-03-18
Roberto SolerResonances in a Coronal Loop Driven by Torsional Alfvén Waves Propagating from the Photosphere R. Soler, J. Terradas, R. Oliver, J. L. Ballester 2021-03-17
Dae Jung YuEffects of external flow on resonant absorption of coronal loop kink oscillations driven by an external fast wave: Selective excitation problem Dae Jung Yu 2021-03-16
Xudong SunEmerging Dimming as Coronal Heating Episodes Anna V. Payne, Xudong Sun 2021-03-16
Xudong SunProxy-Based Prediction of Solar Extreme Ultraviolet Emission using Deep Learning Anthony L. Pineci, Peter Sadowski, Eric Gaidos, Xudong Sun 2021-03-16

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Decoding the Pre-Eruptive Magnetic Field Configurations of Coronal Mass Ejections
Properties of stream interaction regions at Earth and Mars during the declining phase of SC 24
Spatial and temporal analysis of 3-minute oscillations in the chromosphere associated with the X2.2 Solar Flare on 2011 February 15
Pitch-angle distribution of accelerated electrons in 3D current sheets with magnetic islands
Transition to turbulence in nonuniform coronal loops driven by torsional Alfvén waves

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