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Jing HuangFormation and Dynamics in an Observed Preeruptive Filament Jing Huang, Yin Zhang, Baolin Tan, Xianyong Bai, Leping Li, Zhenyong Hou, Xiao Yang, Kaifan Ji, Yongliang Song, Ziyao Hu, and Yuanyong Deng 2023-11-30
Kamil BiczUnveiling the spectacular over 24-hour flare of star CD-36 3202 Kamil Bicz, Robert Falewicz, Małgorzata Pietras 2023-11-29
Dmitrii KolotkovThe centroid speed as a characteristic of the group speed of solar coronal fast magnetoacoustic wave trains Dmitrii Y. Kolotkov, Valery M. Nakariakov, Maximilien Cloesen 2023-11-27
Shantanu JainCoronal dimmings as indicators of early CME propagation direction Shantanu Jain, Tatiana Podladchikova, Galina Chikunova, Karin Dissauer, Astrid M. Veronig 2023-11-27
Amir CaspiA Chromatic Treatment of Linear Polarization in the Solar Corona at the 2023 Total Solar Eclipse Ritesh Patel, Daniel B. Seaton, Amir Caspi, Sarah A. Kovac, Sarah J. Davis, John P. Carini, Charles H. Gardner, Sanjay Gosain, Viliam Klein, Shawn A. Laatsch, Patricia H. Reiff, Nikita Saini, Rachael Weir, Daniel W. Zietlow, David F. Elmore, Andrei E. Ursache, Craig E. DeForest, Matthew J. West, Fred Bruenjes, Jen Winter, and the Citizen CATE 2024 Team 2023-11-22
Amir CaspiMinXSS-2 CubeSat mission overview: Improvements from the successful MinXSS-1 mission James Paul Mason, Thomas N. Woods, Phillip C. Chamberlin, Andrew Jones, Rick Kohnert, Bennet Schwab, Robert Sewell, Amir Caspi, Christopher S. Moore, Scott Palo, Stanley C. Solomon, and Harry Warren 2023-11-22
Amir CaspiSmall Satellite Mission Concepts for Space Weather Research and as Pathfinders for Operations Amir Caspi, Mathieu Barthelemy, Charles D. Bussy-Virat, Ian J. Cohen, Craig E. DeForest, David R. Jackson, Angelos Vourlidas, and Teresa Nieves-Chinchilla 2023-11-22
Amir CaspiStudy of Time Evolution of Thermal and Nonthermal Emission from an M-class Solar Flare Shunsaku Nagasawa, Tomoko Kawate, Noriyuki Narukage, Tadayuki Takahashi, Amir Caspi, and Thomas N. Woods 2023-11-22
Amir CaspiAchievements and Lessons Learned From Successful Small Satellite Missions for Space Weather-Oriented Research Harlan E. Spence, Amir Caspi, Hasan Bahcivan, Jesus Nieves-Chinchilla, Geoff Crowley, James Cutler, Chad Fish, David Jackson, Therese Moretto Jørgensen, David Klumpar, Xinlin Li, James P. Mason, Nick Paschalidis, John Sample, Sonya Smith, Charles M. Swenson, and Thomas N. Woods 2023-11-22
Amir CaspiScaling of Electron Heating by Magnetization During Reconnection and Applications to Dipolarization Fronts and Super-Hot Solar Flares M. Hasan Barbhuiya, Paul A. Cassak, Michael A. Shay, Vadim Roytershteyn, Marc Swisdak, Amir Caspi, Andrei Runov, and Haoming Liang 2023-11-22
Amir CaspiDefining the Middle Corona Matthew J. West, Daniel B. Seaton, David B. Wexler, John C. Raymond, Giulio Del Zanna, Yeimy J. Rivera, Adam R. Kobelski, Bin Chen, Craig DeForest, Leon Golub, Amir Caspi, Chris R. Gilly, Jason E. Kooi, Karen A. Meyer, Benjamin L. Alterman, Nathalia Alzate, Vincenzo Andretta, Frédéric Auchère, Dipankar Banerjee, David Berghmans, Phillip Chamberlin, Lakshmi Pradeep Chitta, Cooper Downs, Silvio Giordano, Louise Harra, Aledia Higginson, Russell A. Howard, Pankaj Kumar, Emily Mason, James P. Mason, Richard J. Morton, Katariina Nykyri, Ritesh Patel, Laurel Rachmeler, Kevin P. Reardon, Katharine K. Reeves, Sabrina Savage, Barbara J. Thompson, Samuel J. Van Kooten, Nicholeen M. Viall, Angelos Vourlidas, and Andrei N. Zhukov 2023-11-22
Amir CaspiFirst Results for Solar Soft X-Ray Irradiance Measurements from the Third-generation Miniature X-Ray Solar Spectrometer Thomas N. Woods, Bennet Schwab, Robert Sewell, Anant Kumar Telikicherla Kandala, James Paul Mason, Amir Caspi, Thomas Eden, Amal Chandran, Phillip C. Chamberlin, Andrew R. Jones, Richard Kohnert, Christopher S. Moore, Stanley C. Solomon, and Harry P. Warren 2023-11-22
Daniel Nóbrega-Siverio Deciphering the solar coronal heating: Energizing small-scale loops through surface convection D. Nóbrega-Siverio, F. Moreno-Insertis, K Galsgaard, K. Krikova, L. Rouppe van der Voort, R. Joshi, and M. S. Madjarska 2023-11-21
Vasyl YurchyshynUsing Potential Field Extrapolations to Explore the Origin of Type II Spicules Vasyl Yurchyshyn, Anneliese Schmidt, Jiasheng Wang, Xu Yang, Eun-Kyung Lim, Wenda Cao 2023-11-17
Max McMurdoPhase mixed Alfvén waves in partially ionised solar plasmas M. McMurdo, I. Ballai, G. Verth, A. Alharbi, V. Fedun 2023-11-13
Valentina ZharkovaTerrestrial temperature, sea levels and ice area links with solar activity and solar orbital motion V.Zharkova and I. Vasilieva 2023-11-11
Chaowei JiangA model of failed solar eruption initiated and destructed by magnetic reconnection Chaowei Jiang, Aiying Duan, Peng Zou, Zhenjun Zhou, Xinkai Bian, Xueshang Feng, Pingbing Zuo and Yi Wang 2023-10-28
Qingmin ZhangEnergetics of a solar flare and a coronal mass ejection generated by a hot channel eruption Qingmin Zhang, Weilin Teng, Dong Li, Jun Dai, and Yanjie Zhang 2023-10-23
Graham S. KerrAn Optically Thin View of the Flaring Chromosphere: Nonthermal widths in a chromospheric condensation during an X-class solar flare Graham S. Kerr, Adam F. Kowalski, Joel C. Allred, Adrian N. Daw, Melissa R. Kane 2023-10-12
Maria KazachenkoA Database of Magnetic and Thermodynamic Properties of Confined And Eruptive Solar Flares Kazachenko, Maria D. 2023-10-11

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Extreme Red-wing Enhancements of UV Lines During the 2022 March 30 X1.3 Solar Flare
Exploring the Origin of Solar Energetic Electrons I: Constraining the Properties of the Acceleration Region Plasma Environment
APO & SMARTS flare star campaign observations I. Blue wing asymmetries in chromospheric lines during mid M dwarf flares from simultaneous spectroscopic and photometric observation data
Repeated Type III Burst Groups Associated with a B-Class Flare and a Narrow-Width CME
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A Model for Confined Solar Eruptions Including External Reconnection
The eruption of a magnetic flux rope observed by Solar Orbiter and Parker Solar Probe
Comprehensive radiative MHD simulations of eruptive flares above collisional polarity inversion lines
An Anisotropic Density Turbulence Model from the Sun to 1 au Derived From Radio Observations
Comparison of damping models for kink oscillations of coronal loops
On the three-dimensional relation between the coronal dimming, erupting filament and CME. Case study of the 28 October 2021 X1.0 event
Polarisation of decayless kink oscillations of solar coronal loops
CME Propagation Through the Heliosphere: Status and Future of Observations and Model Development
30-min Decayless Kink Oscillations in a Very Long Bundle of Solar Coronal Plasma Loops
The Role of High-Frequency Transverse Oscillations in Coronal Heating
ARTop: an open-source tool for measuring Active Region Topology at the solar photosphere
Spectral Observations and Modeling of a Solar White-light Flare Observed by CHASE

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