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Solar Physics E-Print Archive

The Solar Physics E-Print Archive is an on-line, searchable archive of links to on-line preprints and unpublished work of broad interest to researchers in solar and heliospheric physics. This archive has been created to make it quick and easy to discover, and obtain copies of, submissions to journals around the world.

The archive consists of abstracts of, and links to, papers which have been posted on line by their authors at their own web sites. As such, the archive has certain advantages over more extensive archives such as the arXiv.org e-Print archive at Los Alamos. Because the archive itself consists only of titles, abstracts and URLs, not the papers themselves, there are no requirements limiting the size of the files or the format of submitted material. This is a significant advantage for papers with movies and other large image files. As well, it is ideal for PhD theses, which are often longer than a typical paper and not formally published.

Click the appropriate buttons to sort the archive according to submitter or date, or search the archive for any text word used in a title or abstract (see "Search Hints"). I encourage you to add your own on-line preprints, papers or other publications using the simple web form that you will see by clicking "Add New E-Print". Any scientific subject of which solar and heliospheric researchers should be aware is appropriate for this archive.

Thanks to Alisdair Davey for creating this useful web site, and to NASA for support through the HESSI PI contract and the VSO project.

For answers to frequently asked questions, click on FAQ above.

Richard Canfield

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