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FAQ will be updated as more questions are asked. Your feedback is most welcome.
Q.So what do all the options do ?
AboutThis page gives an overview of the Solar Physics E-Print Archive.
Add New E-printThis options allows you to submit a new abstract to the database.
Submitter InformationThis option allows you to view information about the people who have submitted abstracts to the database. It also allows you to edit the information about yourself if you wish to.
FeedbackIf you have any opinions about this archive, we'd be most glad to hear them. This page allows you to submit your comments to the archive maintainer.
NewsDisplays any news about updates, fixes and enhancements to the archive.
Help/FAQDisplays this page.
ManageThis option is not for general use. It is there for the convenience of the archive maintainer.
Q.When I click on manage it prompts me for a password. What password ?
A.You may safetly ignore this option. It is placed there for the convenience of the archive maintainer.
Q.How do I edit my submitter information ?
A.Click on "submitter information" which is at the top right of the menu on every page. This will display the names of all submitters. Click on yours to edit the information.
Q.How do I delete an abstract ?
A.When displaying a full abstract, the delete icon will be visible. Click on this to delete the abstract. If you make a mistake, mail ard@solar.physics.montana.edu who will restore the deleted abstract.
Q.I want to edit some information about the abstract. Do I have to re-enter the information and then delete the old one ?
A.No you do not. To edit an image click on the edit icon accessible when the full abstract is displayed. This will call up the abstract information and you may make the edits you wish. Then press the update button. You do not have to re-enter the information in a new abstract, nor do you need to delete the old version. The program takes care of updating the e-print database to show only the latest versions of all abstracts.
Q.How do I view a particular abstract when it is not on the main page ?
A.There are a couple of ways to do this. You could scan through the abstract list until you see the one you are interested in, or search for the appropriate abstract in the full list. Use the search box if you know the title or author or appropriate keywords. You may also click on Submitter Information if you know the author. If you click on the entries field you can list all entries by the author. Clicking on the icon will also have the same effect.
Q.Is it OK to post published papers?
A.Yes, if you use a link that is consistent with copyright laws. Use the link to the paper at the journal's site or ADS, for example.
Q.What fields of an E-Print submission are included in the search enabled by Key Phrase notification?
A. The search includes the author, title, abstract, and project fields.
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