"I was going to throw my shirt on the fire, but..."

So...in the summer of 1994 I spent two months in sunny Japan working as Chief Observer for the Yohkoh /SXT project. Whilst I was overseas, Brett and I had arranged for him to borrow my bus to move to his new apartment.

Imagine now, if you will, the e-mail I got the morning after this all occured. I wish I had saved it. As is clearly illustrated above, there was a mild engine fire in the bus moments after it was started. I think this is in part due to dry rot of the gas lines that run over the engine -- which led to destruction being spewed all over the engine compartment. At any rate, it got hot enough inside the bus to melt the sun visors (at the front of the bus) to the floor. The windows are not normally tinted black.

Go take a look at Brett and formulate your own opinion as to what really happened.

Brian Handy
September 26, 1995
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