Remarkably I have graduated and moved on. I will leave this page up for a while just as a reminder and because it has some neat stuff on it. I am now at Boston University Center for Space Physics where I am the Instrument Suite Scientist for the RBSP-ECT instrument suite.

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(5 July 2007)

Brian A. Larsen
Graduate Student
Magnetospheric Physics

Montana State University
(406) 994-7321 Office (x7321)
(406) 994-7383 Lab (x7383)
(406) 994-4452 Fax
KD7NMW on 2m or 70cm

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My research is really divided into two parts
  1. Space hardware 
  2. Magnetospheric Physics Data Analysis (IMAGE)

1.    MEROPE, (Montana EaRth Orbiting Pico-Explorer) as a part of the SSEL (Space Science & Engineering Lab)

MEROPE is the first project undertaken by the SSEL and it's really fun to be a part of this lab in its infancy.
I work on the on-board computer subsystem (firmware) of the satellite, this has turned out to be a whole lot of
work but as in all computer stuff its really exciting to see it work in the end.
For those on the MEROPE project (or real nerds not on the project;) here is the full HC812A4 spec book.
I also maintain a HC12 microcontroller reference page.

1.    Maia, (Amazingly not an acronym)

The Montana State University Maia University Nanosatellite Project will characterize magnetospheric energetic charged particle variations near Earth using new state-of-the-art solid state particle detectors.It will demonstrate operation of a novel on-orbit deployment system and the use of newly-developed miniature hybrid magnetoresistive magnetometers for attitude control.
On this mission I am the Program Manager and Engineering Manager.  This is a heck of a challenge to keep the project moving with a mostly undergrad workforce, and while trying to finish my thesis.

Other project that SSEL is involved in can be found at the SSEL homepage.  

2.   Magnetospheric Physics, my thesis is about statistical studies of the plasmasphere and its dynamics.  Data for this study is largely from the EUV imager on the IMAGE mission.  Ask me if you want to know more.

Some of the images are really interesting (and pretty) so I'll post a couple  (in no particular polished form)
EUV shoulder
EUV shoulder

Other professional

I manage SSEL's Sun server for use as a web server, email list platform, software development, and data analysis station.

I also try to be an active member of the Solar Physics group as well since without the sun magnetospheric physics would be pretty boring.

Coding etc

I have built a small code library, some of which is HERE some of it is useful others ??.

IDL Solar Soft is a mixed blessing.  I have compiled a list of ones that I use fairly often listed here since I get tired of looking elsewhere. 


This is my third year of graduate school and so far so good.
My hobbies include climbing (mostly rock), road cycling, mt biking, bicycle trials (stock and mod class).  Sorry that there is so little here but I find that it is more fun to climb, bike, and fish than talk about them on web pages :)
But I do have some pictures.
And Just for kicks a link to Karla's swimming club, Bozeman Masters

Ham radio

I am just getting started in HAM radio and have put together a small page here.

RC Planes

I have also begun flying RC planes, these are really fun, I have a blog about it as well.

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