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REU Students' Publications 2003 - present

*'s indicate REU students' names


"The Role of Magnetic Shear in Reconnection-Driven Flare Energy Release",
Qiu, J., Alaoui, M., Antiochos, S. K., Dahlin, J. T.; Swisdak, M.; Drake, J. F.; Robison*, A.; DeVore, C. R.; Uritsky, V. M. 2023, Astrophysical Journal, 955, id34


"Extracting the Heliographic Coordinates of Coronal Rays using Images from WISPR/Parker Solar Probe",
P. C. Liewer, J. Qiu, F. Ark*, P. Penteado, G. Stenborg, A. Vourlidas, J. R. Hall, P. Riley, 2022, Solar Physics, 297, 128


"How Does Magnetic Reconnection Drive the Early-stage Evolution of Coronal Mass Ejections?",
Chunming Zhu; Jiong Qiu; Paulett Liewer; Angelos Vourlidas; Michael Spiegel*; Hu, Qiang, 2020, Astrophysical Journal, 893, 141

"Quantifying the Toroidal Flux of Pre-existing Flux Ropes of Coronal Mass Ejections",
C. Xing*, X. Cheng, J. Qiu, Q. Hu, E. R. Priest, M.D. Ding, 2020, Astrophysical Journal, 889, 125


"Solar Cycle Variation of Coronal Temperature, Emission Measure, and Soft X-ray Irradiance Observed with Yohkoh Soft X-ray Telescope",
Aki Takeda, Loren Acton, and Nicole Albanese*, 2019, Astrophysical Journal, 887, 225


"Evidence for supra-arcade downflows in the narrow plasma sheet of 10 Sep 2018, and their significance for flare reconnection",
Dana W. Longcope, John Unverferth, Courtney Klein*, Marika McCarthy, and Eric Priest, 2018, Astrophysical Journal, 868, 148

"All-sky polarization measurements of the total solar eclipse on 21 August 2017",
Laura M. Eshelman, Martin J. Tauc, Taiga Hashimoto, Preston Hooser, Kendra Gillis*, William Weiss*, Bryan Stanley, Glenn E. Shaw, and Joseph A. Shaw, Proc. SPIE 10655, Polarization: Measurement, Analysis, and Remote Sensing XIII, 106550L (14 May 2018)


"Photonics in nature: Yellowstone National Park in IR",
Michael Vollmer, Joseph A. Shaw, Paul W. Nugent, Wilson Harris, Kendra Gillis*, William Weiss*, Logan Carpenter*, Amy Carpenter, and Bryan Scherrer, 2017, Proceedings of SPIE 10452, 104521B

"Spectroscopic Observations of Magnetic Reconnection and Chromospheric Evaporation in an X-shaped Solar Flare",
Y. Li, M. Kelly*, M. D. Ding, J. Qiu, X. S. Zhu, W. Q. Gan, 2017, Astrophysical Journal, 848, 118


"A Rconnection-driven Model of Hard X-ray Loop Top Source from Flare 2004-Feb-26",
D. W. Longcope, J. Qiu, and J. Brewer*, ApJ, 2016, 833, 211

"Analysis of Flows Inside Quiescent Prominences as Captured by Hinode/Solar Optical Telescope",
M.S. Freed, D.E. McKenzie, D.W. Longcope, and M. Wilburn*, ApJ, 2016, 818, 57


"Modeling Active Region Transient Brightenings Observed with XRT as Multistranded Loops",
A. R. Kobelski, D. E. McKenzie, and M. Donachie*, ApJ, 2014, 786, 82

"A Flare Observed in Coronal, Transition Region, and Helium I 10830 Emissions",
Z. Zeng*, J. Qiu, W. Cao, and P. G. Judge, ApJ, 2014, 793, 87

"The solar chromosphere observed at 1 Hz and 0.2" resolution",
I. Lipartito*, P. G. Judge, K. Reardon, G. Cauzzi, ApJ, 2014, 785, 109


"UV and EUV Emissions at the Flare Foot-points Observed by AIA",
J. Qiu, Z. Sturrock*, D. W., Longcope, J. A. Klimchuk, and W-J Liu, 2013, ApJ, 774, 14

"Calculating Separate Magnetic Free Energy Estimates for Active Regions Producing Multiple Flares: NOAA AR11158",
L., Tarr, D. W., Longcope, and M., Millhouse*, ApJ, 2013, 770, 4


"Solar Flare Hard X-ray Spikes Observed by RHESSI: a Statistical Study"
J., Cheng*, J., Qiu, M. D. Ding, H. Wang, 2012, A&A, 547, A73

"DEMs for EIS and AIA",
J. Plowman, C. Kankelborg, P. Martens, M. Ritchie*, J. Scott, R. Sharma*, Proceedings of Hinode 5, Cambridge, October 2011, Leon Golub, Ineke De Moortel, and Toshifumi Shimizu (Eds.). San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2012., pp.131-132.


"Hard X-ray and UV Observations of the 2005 January 15 Two-ribbon Flare".
J., Cheng, G., Kerr*, J., Qiu, 2011, ApJ, 744, 48

"Direct Measurements of Magnetic Twist in the Solar Corona".
A. Malanushenko, M. H. Yusuf*, D. W. Longcope, 2011, ApJ, 736, 97


"Reconnection and Energetics in Two-ribbon Flares: a Revisit of the Bastille-day Flare",
J. Qiu, W. Liu, N., Hill*, M. D. Kazachenko, 2010, ApJ, 725, 319

"A Quantitative Model of Energy Release and Heating by Time-dependent, Localized Reconnection in a Flare with a Thermal Looptop X-ray Source",
D. W. Longcope, A. C. Des Jardins, T. Carranza-Fulmer*, J. Qiu
2010, Solar Physics, 267, 107


"Reconnection in Three Dimensions: The Role of Spines in Three Eruptive Flares",
Angela Des Jardins, Richard Canfield, Dana Longcope, Crystal Fordyce*, and Scott Waitukaitis*,
2009, ApJ., 693, 1628

"Signatures of Magnetic Stress Prior to Three Solar Flares Observed by RHESSI",
A. Des Jardins, R. Canfield, D. Longcope, E. McLinden*, and A. Dillman*,
2009, ApJ, 693, 886


"Exploring the Physical Basis of Solar Cycle Predictions: Flux Transport Dynamics and Persistence of Memory in Advection versus Diffusion Dominated Solar Convection Zones",
Yeates*, A.R., Nandy, D., Mackay, D.H., 2008, Astrophysical Journal, 674, 544

"Results from the Removal of Projection Effects from Cataloged Coronal Mass Ejections",
Howard, T.A., D. Nandy and A. Koepke*,
Journal of Geophysical Research, VOL. 113, A01104, doi:10.1029/2007JA012500.


"Combining Hydrodynamics Modeling with Test Particle Tracking to Improve Flare Simulations"
Henry (Trae) Winter, Petrus Martens, and Jenna Rettenmayer*
in: "The New Solar Physics with the Solar-B Mission", eds. K.Shibata, S.Nagata, and T.Sakurai,
ASP Conference Series, Vol 369, p.501.

"Supra-Arcade Downflows: Results from Observational Analysis"
McKenzie, D.E., Savage, S.L., and Tolan*, J.E.
in: "The New Solar Physics with the Solar-B Mission", eds. K.Shibata, S.Nagata, and T.Sakurai,
ASP Conference Series, Vol 369, p.489.

"Solar Active Region Flux Fragmentation, Subphotospheric Flows, and Flaring",
Richard C. Canfield and Alexander J. B. Russell*,
ApJ, 662, L39.

"The Structure and Formation of X-Ray Sigmoids",
Richard C. Canfield, Maria D. Kazachenko, Loren W. Acton, D. H. Mackay, Ji Son*, and Tanya Freeman*,
ApJ. 671, L81.


"A Time Delay Model for Solar and Stellar Dynamos",
A. Wilmot-Smith*, D. Nandy, G. Hornig, and P.C.H. Martens
ApJ. 652, 696.


"Low Order Dynamo Models"
A.L. Wilmot-Smith*, P.C.H. Martens, D. Nandy, E.R. Priest, S.M. Tobias
Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 363, 1167-1172.

"Spatial Relationship Between Twist in Active Region Magnetic Fields and Solar Flares"
Hahn*, M., Gaard*, S., Jibben, P., Canfield, R.C., and Nandy, D.
ApJ 629, 1135.

"Observations of Separator Reconnection to an Emerging Active Region"
D.W. Longcope, D. E. McKenzie, J. Cirtain and J. Scott*
ApJ, 630, 596.


"Helicity of Magnetic Clouds and Their Associated Active Regions"
Leamon, R.J., Canfield, R.C., Jones*, S.L., Lambkin*, K., Lundberg*, B.J., and Pevtsov A.A.
JGR 109, A05106.

"Topological Analysis of the Magnetic Breakout Model for an Eruptive Solar Flare"
Maclean*, R.; Beveridge*, C.; Longcope, D.; Brown, D.; Priest, E.
Proceedings of the SOHO 15 Workshop - Coronal Heating. 6-9 September 2004, St. Andrews, Scotland, UK (ESA SP-575).
Editors: R.W. Walsh, J. Ireland, D. Danesy, B. Fleck. Paris: European Space Agency, p.479.

"Periodic Variations in X-Ray Emission Intensity of Coronal Loops"
McKenzie, D. E.; Pollock*, E.; Lane, C.
Proceedings of the SOHO 15 Workshop - Coronal Heating. 6-9 September 2004, St. Andrews, Scotland, UK (ESA SP-575).
Editors: R.W. Walsh, J. Ireland, D. Danesy, B. Fleck. Paris: European Space Agency, p.422.

"Detection of Taylor-like Plasma Relaxation Process in the Sun and its Implication for Coronal Heating"
Nandy, D., Hahn*, M., Canfield, R.C., and Longcope, D.W.
Proceedings of IAU Symposium 223 on "Multi-Wavelength Investigations of Solar Activity"
Eds: A.V. Stepanov, E.E. Benevolenskaya and A.G. Kosovichev, Cambridge University Press, p. 473.


"Detection of a Taylor-like Plasma Relaxation Process in the Sun"
Nandy, Dibyendu; Hahn*, Michael; Canfield, Richard C.; Longcope, Dana W.
ApJ Letters 597, L73-L76.

"A Model for Elemental Coronal Flux Loops"
Beveridge*, C.; Longcope, D.W.; Priest, E.R.
Solar Physics 216, 27.

"Measurements of Flux Cancellation During Filament Formation"
Paul Wood* and Piet Martens
Solar Physics, 218, 123-135.