Multi-Wavelength Observations of Coronal Structure and Dynamics -- Yohkoh 10th Anniversary Meeting

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Registration Fees

Participant 1 x $420.00
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  1. includes welcome reception
  2. includes Luau (banquet)
x $80.00
Guests ages 6-10
  1. includes Luau (banquet)
x $19.00
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Abstract Deadline: Friday November 16, 2001. Please submit only one abstract per person.

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I Intend to stay for the Solar B Workshop, January 25-26.

Observatory Tours

Tours are scheduled for the free afternoon, Wednesday January 23, 2002. It will not be possible for an individual to participate in both tours.

Mauna Loa Solar Observatory* (3350 m) x $110* limited to the first 20 applicants
Mauna Kea Keck and Subaru Observatories (4200 m) x $110

Method of Payment

If you paid in cash or check for your original registration and would like that applied to the new registration (instead of refunded), you may bypass the increase of registration fee by checking "Other" and specifying that you are applying your previous payment.

All original credit cards registrations were never charged, and thus will not be refunded, and must pay the new, higher registration fee.
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