Ernest C. Amouzou

Ernest Amouzou

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I'm currently a second year graduate student in solar physics, studying dynamo theory with Prof. Piet Martens. I'm also interested in helioseismology (and asteroseismology). When I'm not taking classes, I like to spend my free time staying active in the music department and feeding my Minesweeper addiction.

Before arriving here at Montana State, I was a student at Lehigh University (in my home town), where I obtained BS degrees in both chemistry and astrophysics. The work for these degrees didn't occur at the same time, and I spent a lot of time in the music department there as well.

As time allows, I'll put more stuff up here. Examples may eventually include a CV, stories from my time in the "real world" before I went back to Lehigh for the astrophysics degree, links to ensembles I've played in, my opinion in the great Kirk vs. Picard debate, favorite web comics (I assume that you're already reading xkcd. If not, get on that.), and other things I don't feel strange sharing with people I don't know personally. Until then, enjoy the following pages.

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