Rebecca McMullen - What does she do?

I study the fluid dynamics of short flux tubes such as those found in x-ray bright points, the building blocks of the solar corona. My work focuses on the coupling of the corona to the chromosphere and how the energy passes from system to system through a constricted magnetic field. I numerically simulate flux tubes of specific geometry, using a code developed at MSU.

Some recent work for your edification:

Out Hiking
  • Notes on Plasma Beta,
    R.A. McMullen,
    Unpublished Solar Journal Club Presentation of 02/21/02.
    R.A. McMullen, D.W. Longcope, C.C. Kankelborg,
    In Press, Yohkoh10 Proceedings
    | PS (135 kb) | | PDF (101 kb) |
  • The Magnetic Structure of a Coronal X-Ray Bright Point,
    D.S. Brown, C.E. Parnell, E.E. DeLuca, L. Golub, R.A. McMullen,
    July 2001, Solar Physics, 201, 2, 305-321,
    | PDF(700 kb) |
  • Determination of Flare Heating using the Transition Region and Coronal Explorer,
    S.K. Antiochos, E.E. DeLuca, L. Golub, R.A. McMullen,
    October 2000, ApJ Letters, 542,2, L151-L154,
    | PS (1143 kb) | | PDF (401 kb) |
  • The Topology and Evolution of the Bastille Day Flare,
    G. Aulanier, S.K. Antiochos, E.E. De Luca, R.A. McMullen, L. Golub,
    September 10, 2000, The Astrophysical Journal, 540, 1126-1142,
    | PDF (6762 kb) | | PS (9449 kb) |
  • A case for resonant scattering in the quiet solar corona in extreme-ultraviolet lines with high oscillator strengths,
    C. J. Schrijver, R. A. McMullen,
    March 10, 2000, Astrophysical Journal, 531, 1121-1128,
    | PS (391kb) | | PDF (164kb) |