What is the Guild of Forochel?

The Guild is a group of currently approximately seven people in the area surrounding that of Bozeman, Montana. We are brought together for our common enjoyment of playing Iron Crown Enterprises' CCG, Middle Earth: The Wizards. The group started up in the beginning of the summer of 1997 and has grown to the ranks that it is today. Granted, we aren't big yet, but unlike lots of other CCG guilds and clubs in the nation, we are growing! In fact, we are currently looking to increase our bounds beyond Bozeman into surrounding cities in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. The activities of the Guild are primarily simply meeting often for informal games of METW, although we have now begun our MECCG tournament series which will run different style tournaments once each and every month. Needless to say, anyone and everyone is welcome to attend...that is if they ever feel the need for some northern exposure. You can find the schedule of upcoming tourneys here. Of course, for those of you not able to enjoy coming to one of our METW tournaments, we'd like to invite you to take a look around the site and check out some winning decks from the far north, as well as some strategies we use.

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