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AA - Additional Activities (9-12)

Taking the Measure the Universe

In this activity students will learn how planets orbiting other stars are detected. Students will also learn through various activities how distances can measured accurately from very far away.


This is a comprehensive (174 pages in total) introduction to gravity with a myriad of exercises analyzing gravity.

Rockets Guide

This is a similarly comprehensive guide to Rocketry (132 pages in total) including an extensive history of rocket technology and a multitude of exercises based around rocket science.

X Glider

A short history of the X-1 Flight Research Program supplemented with an activity in which students create a paper glider designed to mimic the X-1 rocker-powered research aircraft. Students will also learn some basic aeronautics through manipulation of the gliderÕs structure.

Radiation Hazards in Space

Students will learn about the types and hazards of radiation in space and how it affects space travel, via a board game.

Space Exploration Crossword Puzzle

A space exploration themed crossword puzzle.
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