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Presentations are free of charge to all Montana schools. Please keep in mind that schools more than four hours away from Bozeman should be able to gather at least one hundred students for a presentation.

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New Presentation Resources

Image of the milky way over Glacier National Park. Feel free to use this image for your classroom!

NASA Educational Resources: Great resources for educators (K-12) looking for NASA related classroom material.

NASA Wavelength is a great resource for lesson plans (search “pluto” or “space” for more related lesson plans).

NASA's Eyes on the Solar System: (K-12) Download this free, easy-to-use app from NASA to explore the Solar System with your classroom. This app is basically Google Earth, but in space! And it includes trajectories and information about New Horizons and other probes that are exploring our Solar System.

Total Solar Eclipses: Preparing for the Great American Eclipse Presentation:

Looking for eclipse related lesson plans? Check out these lesson plans created by pre-service undergraduate students for the Great American Eclispe as part of Montana Space Grant's PSEEC project (Pre-Service Educator Eclipse Competion). These lesson plans integrate NGSS with NASA's 5E model to create a diverse approach to eclipse education.

Check out NASA's official eclipse page where you will find access to all kinds of resources in preparation for the Great American Eclipse!

See and stay up to date with our star, the Sun, like you never have before with NASA's Helioviewer. This Google Earth-like viewer will allow you to observe our star in your classroom like never before!

Interact with and expand your understanding of the 2017 eclipse using NASA's Eyes on the 2017 Eclipse. Explore your view fo the 2017 eclipse and other astronomical events from your location using the free interactive planetarium software Stellarium.

Pluto Presentation:

We suggest allowing your students (K-5) to explore Peculiar Pluto and find 3 things about Pluto they didn’t know to share with the class. Below you will find resources for pluto based activities which may prove useful before and/or after the Pluto presentation.

Educational Resources

NASA Education Activities

These teacher tested activities are very helpful and complement Montana's science curriculum very well.
Educational Activities

Science Horizons Initiative Opportunity

Looking for ways to improve Science Education, and get paid for it?! Check out this great opportunity!
Science Horizons Initiative Website

Life on Terra

Looking for more educational content that's happening right here on Earth? Free educational content can be found on Terra's website that has been produced right here in Montana!
Life on Terra's website

MSU Science Zone

The following are astrobiology and STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) related activities for grades K-5. They can be used in any classroom, museum, summer camp, or even at home.

Download Classroom Activities

Below you will find educational materials which you are free to download and use in your classroom either as preparation for our visit to your school, or to continue the lesson after we have gone. There are also links to various NASA websites that you and your students might find fascinating. We have sifted through activities and curriculua created by NASA and selected what we believe to be the `cream of the crop.'

Clicking on the appropriate grade level next to the show that you have requested will take you to the page with the material that is most relevent. Most of the files are PDF's. If you are unable to open PDF files free software can be found here. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems with the downloads.

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Archived Activities

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