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AA - Additional Activities (K-4)

Cassini Read 'n Write

A multifaceted compilation of activities aimed at introducing the planet Saturn. Activities include class discussion/read-aloud, scale model building, drawing and creative writing, etc.


Students construct a glider model along the lines of NASA experimental jets. Through the construction, students learn the rudiments of flight and thus how to adjust the model to fly certain ways.


A comprehensive (132 pages) introduction to modern Rocketry. Included is a history of rockets, a description of how they work and elementary rocketry principles, followed by an extensive series of rocket-themes activities.

Space Food and Nutrition

A discourse on the nutritional science of the food used in space, including a range of exercises based around the preparation, classification, and serving of space food.

Radiation Hazards in Space

Students will learn about the types and hazards of radiation in space and how it affects space travel, via a board game.

Space Activity Book

A collection of activities focusing on a general space/ space exploration theme. Among other things, students learn about the International Space Station, Space Flight, and Astronauts through mazes, crossword puzzles, connect-the-dot exercises and more.

Space Crossword Puzzle

A space exploration themed crossword puzzle.
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