HINODE-17 / IRIS-15 / SPHERE-3 Joint Science Conference
This year, our annual Hinode/IRIS science meeting is joined by the SPHERE(Solar Physics High Energy REsearch) group. This meeting focuses on the Sun's atmospheric ecosystem: studies of the multifaceted Sun from radio to hard X-rays. Emphases include connecting high energy activity with observations from Hinode, IRIS, and future missions; the physical mechanisms driving the solar atmosphere; and information services for collaborative data acquisition by multiple observatories.


  • 2024/05/15 We will accept Late Registration until 6/20.
  • 2024/05/14 Local information (Restaurants and Attractions) added.
  • 2024/05/01 Abstract submission deadline extended. For oral contribution until Friday May 3.
  • 2024/04/25 Childcare Support Request was added to the Abstract form [read more]
  • 2024/04/17 Our conference was renamed to Hinode-17/IRIS-15/SPHERE-3 [read more]
  • 2024/04/01 Registration site open
  • 2024/03/10 Abstract submission & travel support request form open



Registration site is open. We will accept Late Registration with increased fee until 6/20.

  • In-person : $400 (until 2024/05/01 MDT), $450 (2024/05/02 - 2024/06/01 MDT)
                      $500 (2024/06/02 - 2024/06/20 MDT)
  • On-line only : $40 (until 2024/06/20 MDT)

Abstracts and Travel & Childcare Support

Abstract submission form is open for the period 10-Mar-2024 through 1-May-2024 (MDT).

Abstract submission for oral contributions was closed. We are still accepting the abstracts for poster presentation.

Due to limitations of number of contributed talks and space for poster presentation, we will limit the number of abstract submissions per participant UP TO two (e.g., 1 talk + 1 poster, 2 posters, etc).

If you need travel support, use the Travel Support Request section in the abstract submission form. Note that we have only limited amount of fund and the application will be competitive.

This conference does not provide a contracted childcare service, however limited funds are available in the form of small grants to help reduce the cost of childcare expenses that might be incurred by participants. Please use the Childcare Support Request section in the abstract submission form, to apply for this support.

Invited Speakers

David Brooks, Gianna Cauzzi, Piyali Chatterjee, Pradeep Chitta, Bart DePontieu, Karin Dissauer, Jessie Duncan, Hirohisa Hara, Hisashi Hayakawa, Haruhisa Iijima, Tomoko Kawate, Maria Kazachenko, Adam Kowalski, Ying Li, Juraj Lorincik, Teia Mihailescu, Ryan Milligan, Noriyuki Narukage, Dan Ryan, Daikou Shiota, Sijie Yu
(confirmed as of 10-Apr-2024)

Scientific Schedule

Program at a glance

7/22 (Mon)

7/23 (Tue)

7/24 (Wed)

7/25 (Thu)

7/26 (Fri)

7/27 (Sat)






Excursion (TBD)

Hinode SWG

invitation-only meeting











Welcome Reception



Scientific Organizing Committee: Adam Kobelski (Chair), Amir Caspi, Lucie Green, Ryoko Ishikawa, Reetika Joshi, Yukio Katsukawa, Lucia Kleint, Vanessa Polito, Jiong Qiu, Kathy Reeves, Paola Testa, Durgesh Tripathi

Local Organizing Committee: Aki Takeda (Chair), Charles Kankelborg, Dana Longcope, Sabrina Savage, Keiji Yoshimura, Chunming Zhu

The PDF file of the poster

Calendar / Important Dates

  • 2024/03/10 : Start for abstract submission & Travel support application
  • 2024/04/01 : Start for registration (in-person or on-line)
  • 2024/05/01 : Deadline for abstract submission & Travel support application
  • 2024/05/01 : Deadline for Early-bird registration
  • 2024/06/01 : Deadline for in-person Standard registration
  • 2024/06/20 : Deadline for on-line registration
  • 2024/06/20 : Deadline for in-person Late registration
  • 2024/07/23 : Conference starts.


  • Welcome reception : 5-8pm on 7/22(Mon) at Romney 4F common area (non alchool event)
  • Banquet : 6-9pm on 7/25(Thu) at Big Yellow Barn
  • Excursion : 7/27(Sat) outdoor activity (to answer to a FAQ, it is NOT a Yellowstone NP tour, unfortunately. It may be more nearby trip: hiking, rafting, etc.)


Strand Union Building, Ballrooms A(talks) and BCD(posters)
Montana State University
Bozeman, Montana, USA


Things to Do


If you have any questions, please contact us at loc_h17i14s3@solar.physics.montana.edu