Montana State University Solar REU Program 2010
Dustin Hickey
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Thursday, July 1

I continued doing the same thing today as yesterday, looking at months prior. In some of them I used points without lines connecting them. This is because there are some points within the coronal holes that make it harder to see what is going on. I kept the December 10 map to show this.

Wednesday, June 30

I continued with the technique that I was using yesterday. I went back a few rotations of the sun to see what it looked liked. Below are a small sampling of the graphs that I made. These are the ones I found that best show what I've been looking at.

Tuesday, June 29

I tried to fix the problem from yesterday but I was still unable to make significant progress so I moved on. I continued to look at the area that I found last Friday where the  coronal hole matched up with with the open magnetic field and persisted for a full rotation of the sun. Since it persisted for one rotation I decided to keep looking and see how long it persists. I had to change the way that I was creating the open magnetic field data, though. Since the interesting parts are at 360 longitude I shefted the map in order to better see what was going on. The problem with that is that the way the open magnetic field program creates the field lines the data from 0 degrees longitude is about a month older than the data at 360 degrees. The way I was getting the harmonic coefficients used to calculate this didn't allow me to adjust for this. If I want to center my data around that point then I have to get it from The Wilcox Solar Observatory website and change the ranges. I then redid one of the maps from last week using this new technique.

Monday, June 28
Today I worked on trying to fix a problem within the code that caused it stop working when certain files were used. I found that the problem started when some of the solar software programs would call in a program call mreadfits_fixup. It turned out that some of the images were 1024 x 1024 and others are 512 x 512. If images of different sizes are called in at the same time then it will rebin the images so they are all the smaller size. I was able to fix the program so that it would work with that situation. I thought that was my only problem but it wasn't. Sometimes the program tells me that there are no coronal holes when I can see from times before and after that there are coronal holes. I was unable to fix this problem today.