Montana State University Solar Physics REU 2017


  • Allison Bartz, Physics, Grinnell College - Project Page
  • Lilly Bralts-Kelly, Physics and Astronomy, Macalester College - Project Page
  • Kaitlin Cerrillo, Physics and Applied Math, Buffalo State College - Project Page
  • Darci Collins, Physics and Math, Wesleyan University - Project Page
  • Callum Fairbairn, Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics, University of St Andrews - Project Page
  • Brendan Gallagher, Physics, George Mason University - Project Page
  • Kendra Gillis, Physics, Brigham Young University Idaho - Project Page
  • Scott Hunter, Engineering Physics, Northwests Nazarene University - Project Page
  • Chen Xing, Astronomy, Nanjing University - Project Page
  • Julia Quebral, Physics, University at Buffalo - Project Page
  • Jessica Sydnor, Physics, College of William and Mary - Project Page
  • William Weiss, Physics, Brigham Young University Idaho - Project Page