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The Film Festival room is literally a festival of films, solar films that is. We have collected many exciting solar movies below. If you have time, we encourage you to view them all! If you are not sure your computer can view movies, visit our Movie Test Page before you get started.

Solar Flares Observed by Yohkoh

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These Yohkoh movie segments show a few of the many solar flares observed during the Yohkoh mission. Although flares share many characteristics, you will notice how different each flare appears.

Wavelength Fade

MPEG; NFrames: 100 (256x256) Movie Size: 129.15 KB

This movie takes you on a journey through the layers of the Sun's atmosphere. It begins with a white light image of the photosphere, fades into a red light image which shows the chromosphere and ends with an X-ray image of the outermost layer, the corona. The images in this movie were all taken on the same day and demonstrate the connection between features seen in the different atmospheric layers.

Sun Diver (Solar Fly-By)

MPEG; NFrames: 1600 (128x128) Movie Size: 670.52 KB

This movie takes you on a close up fly-by of the Sun. Dive into the solar atmosphere and watch new erupting features rotate into view. Follow an active region as it makes its journey across the solar disk.

Solar Eclipse of 24-October-1995

MPEG; NFrames: 32 (256x256) Movie Size: 177.62 KB

Watch the moon pass in front of the Sun as seen from the perspective of the Yohkoh spacecraft.

Comparison of X-Ray to White Light

MPEG; NFrames: 56 Movie Size: 225.47 KB

Simultaneous images in X-ray and white light show the correlation between coronal active regions and photospheric sunspots, both locations of intense magnetic concentration.