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The Spotlight room is a collection of informational "tours" highlighting our Sun. There is so much to learn about our nearest star we have tried to organize things a little for you. The Solar Tour provides some general background about the Sun. We also focus on the Sun's magnetic properties, its structure and how it fits into the stellar family. There is also a collection of recent images of the Sun from Earth and space. Please, take some time to travel with us through these informational pages.

If you are interested in learning more about our nearest star, take this exciting Solar Tour!

This tour is written for the novice solar tourist with links to more technical information.

Magnetic Sun

Learn about magnetic fields on the Sun. This magnetic tour investigates the general properties of magnetic fields and magnetic structures on the Sun.

These pages are written at the intermediate level. They contain instructive sketches and images.

View the Sun as it looks in the most recent pictures from around the world.

Here is a collection of the latest images of the Sun in many different wavelengths, from observatories on the earth and above it. Learn what information scientists can gather about the Sun by studying it with different filters.

Learn more about our nearest star and how it compares to all the other stars in the sky on the "The Sun as a Star" Tour.

These pages are written at the intermediate level.

The Sun has many different layers. Learn more about them on the "Structure of the Sun"Tour.

These pages are written at the intermediate level.


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