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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. So what do all the options do ?
About This page gives an overview of the RHESSI Data Analysis Project Description site.
Add New Description This options allows you to submit a new project description to the site.
Order By Submitter This option lists all project descriptions, ordered by submitter.
Help/FAQ Displays this page.
View Email List Displays the list of email addresses subscribed to the RHESSI Data Analysis mailing list.
Email Archive Displays the archive of email messages sent to the RHESSI Data Analysis mailing list.
Add Email Address Enables you to add yourself to the RHESSI Data Analysis mailing list without submitting a project description.
Search Hints Gives suggestions of keywords that can be used both entering a project descriptions and also when searching the projects' database.
Q. How do I send a message to everybody on the RHESSI Data Analysis list?
A. Send the message to The message will first come to the list moderator. Unless you are an unprincipled spammer (and there are some), he will approve your message and it will go out to everybody on the list.
Q. How do I edit my submitter information ?
A. If you wish to change any of the submitter information associated with a project description, please email with the title of the project and the information you wish changed.
Q. I want to edit some information about the project. Do I have to re-enter the information and then delete the old one ?
A. No you do not. To edit a description click on the edit  icon accessible when the full description is displayed. This will call up the project information and you may make the edits you wish. Then press the update button. You do not have to re-enter the information in a new description, nor do you need to delete the old version. The program takes care of updating the database to show only the latest versions of all descriptions. 
Q. How do I delete a project description ?
A. If you wish to delete a project description, please email with the title of the description you wish to delete.

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