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RHESSI Data Analysis Project Descriptions
This site is an on-line, searchable archive of descriptions of data analysis projects in which RHESSI data are being used. The information has been submitted by those who are carrying out these projects, so that the RHESSI PI team and others in the community may understand what work is underway , as well as completed.  

You may add your  project description(s) by clicking "Add New Description" and completing the web form.   Any data analysis project which makes use of RHESSI data is appropriate for this site.   Click "Search Hints" for suggestions about  keywords to use.  When you add a project description to this site, your e-mail address  will  be added to the RHESSI data analysis e-mail list (, unless it is already on that list.   Click "E-mail list" to see who is presently there; click "E-mail archive" to see messages that have been sent to that list.  

To find out about projects submitted by a given person, click "Order by Submitter" at the top of the main page.

To find out about studies of a given subject, use the "Search" window to find that word in a title or project description.  

For answers to frequently asked questions, click on Help/FAQ.

Thanks to Alisdair Davey for creating this useful web site.

Richard Canfield

Site Maintainer: Alisdair Davey
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