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Guillermo Gimenez de Castro Submitted: 23-Apr-2003 13:20

We are analyzing the flare ocurred on Aug 30 2002 at about 1328 UT, in NOAA region 0095 and classified as X1.5. The event was observed by RHESSI up to ~200-300 keV and by the new Solar Submillimeter Telescope (SST) at 212 GHz. Radio image obsvervations at long decimetric-metric waves obtained with the Nancay radioheliograph are also being included. Our multiwavelength analysis includes total flux from RSTN, the 7 GHz radiopolarimeter of Itapetinga, Bern instruments from 13 to 50 GHz, and the null interferometer at 90 GHz for the microwave spectrum, and H alpha images from the HASTA telescope. Our goals are to infer the magnetic structure where accelerated electrons radiate and to discuss the relationship between X-ray and radio emitting electrons.

Participants: G.Gimenez de Castro, A.V.R Silva, G. Trottet, P. Kaufmann, J. E.R. Costa, E. Correia, S. Krucker, G. Martinez, M. Rovira, T. Luthi, A. Magun.

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