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A statistical study of hard X-ray directivity in flares View all project descriptions by submitter

Gordon Emslie Submitted: 21-Jul-2003 17:54

Directivity of solar flare hard X-ray emission should manifest itself as a center-to-limb variation in spectral shape. We plan to improve upon results from the SMM and pre-SMM eras by using RHESSI data to: * better define the spectral shape (rather then a best-fit power-law through a handful of points); * locate the heliocentric longitude of the hard X-ray emission directly from RHESSI images; * use spectra from the footpoint regions alone, where the directivity is predicted to be the largest A byproduct of this work is the determination of the distribution of flare sizes, another data point for the avalanchers/nanoflarers.

Participants: Gordon Emslie, Jennifer Konechny

Project Status: Jennifer's thesis project; just underway Go to main RHESSI project descriptions page  The Solar Flare 4-10 keV X-ray Spectrum  Edit Entry 

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