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Emission Measure of the > 5MK plasma for the non-flaring Sun View all project descriptions by submitter

James McTiernan Submitted: 09-Jan-2004 11:44

This is an ongoing effort to measure T and EM of the Sun during quiet times, i.e., when no discernable variation in the RHESSI 3-12 keV count rate can be seen for times > 1 minute. As of 1-jan-2004, we have 3021 good time intervals. The idea is to compare the high T emission measure with expectations from heating models, in particular the nanoflare model of Klimchuk and Cargill. To compare with the model DEM's, we will generate the full-sun DEM using EIT, SXI and RHESSI data.

Participants: J McTiernan J Klimchuk

Project Status: Working.... RHESSI and SXI data presented at Fall 2003 AGU Go to main RHESSI project descriptions page  Magnetic energy dissipation and its Correlation with Hard X-ray Emission in the 2002 July 23 Solar Flare  Edit Entry  Submitter's Homepage

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