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Linhui Sui Submitted: 03-Oct-2005 11:55

Early impulsive flares are those flares in which impulsive hard X-ray emission is seen early in the flare before the soft X-ray emission has risen significantly. Because of the relatively weak thermal emission when particle acceleration occurs, they offer us some advantages: (1) evidence for a low-energy cutoff in the nonthermal electron distribution can be identified at lower energies in the X-ray spectrum; (2) nonthermal X-ray sources be can be better detected; (3) Chromospheric evaporation can be studied in X-ray, and so on. So far, about 476 early impulsive flares observed by RHESSI have been found. Intensive study of RHESSI spectra and images are ongoing. One paper has been submitted to ApJ on one of the flares.

Participants: Sui, L, Holman, G. D., Dennis, B. R.

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