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X-Ray and Radio Observation of the 3 July 2002 X1.5 Flare View all project descriptions by submitter

Yukio Katsukawa Submitted: 02-Oct-2002 01:09

The GOES X1.5 flare on 3 July 2002 is a very impulsive event, and was observed with RHESSI and Nobeyama Radio Heliograph(NoRH) over the whole duration. This is a typical loop-loop interaction event triggered by a new flux emergence. The RHESSI synthesized images show a compact flare core and a diffuse loop (or an extended source), which are visible in 50-100 keV. We plan to investigate the possibility of the high-energy electron trapping using this RHESSI data in combination with the NoRH radio data.

Participants: Katsukawa, Y., Oka, M., Watanabe, K., Sakamoto, Y., Hori, K.

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