Henry (Trae) D. Winter III

B.S. in Psychology 1998, University of Memphis, Memphis,TN.
M.S. in Physics 2001, University of Memphis, Memphis,TN.

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    Hello and Welcome! My name is Trae Winter and I am currently continuing my Ph.D. studies at Montana State University, working in the Solar Physics Group under my advisor Piet Martens.

   I was initially going to do science planning for the SXT instrument aboard the Yohkoh satellite. Click here to find out why I'm  doing other work.  Despite the loss of this venerable satellite, there is still much work to do.  The analysis of the data will continue on for many years after the life of the mission.

    I've spent much of my career in the calculation of differential emission measure (DEM) curves in order to aid the parameterization and study of solar coronal features.  I plan to add a section to my web page so that non-solar physics people can understand the last sentence. I am now learning how to model features on Sun using MHD techniques. This seems like a life long project.