Multi-Wavelength Observations of Coronal Structure and Dynamics -- Yohkoh 10th Anniversary Meeting

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General Instruction

All original (September) registration fees will be refunded. Participants must re-register via our electronic registration form by Monday December 10, 2001. We regret this inconvenience, but we must do this to keep our database manageable.

In order to help cover the additional costs of the rescheduling, the registration fee has been increased to $420. We will accept Visa and Master Cards, but will no longer be accepting American Express. Financial support offers will remain substantially unchanged, and only very little money is available for additional financial support.

Former participants can keep their originally submitted abstracts as is, submit a revised abstract, or a completely new paper. In the latter two cases the re-submission must be done through the electronic abstract form. Abstracts are due by Friday November 16, 2001. You must inform us now of any Audio/Visual equipment, tables or outlet access you will need for an oral or poster presentation.

Registration Information

As before, participant registration includes attendance at all oral and poster paper presentations, conference proceedings, registration packet, welcome reception (except for cash bar), and coffee breaks. The conference Luau (banquet) on Tuesday January 22 is free to participants, courtesy of LMATC. Lunches on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (January 21, 22, and 24) are also free to participants, courtesy of the Montana State University Solar Group. Each participant must register separately for this conference.

Guest registrations are available at $80/adult, $19/child and free to children under 6 years. All adult guest registrations include the welcome reception and conference Luau (banquet). Child guest registrations include only the conference Luau. Guests whose names are entered on the registration form will be issued a name tag.

Observatory Tours

Tours of the Keck and Subaru Observatories at Mauna Kea or the HAO Coronagraph Station at Mauna Loa will be offered on the afternoon of Wednesday January 23 for an additional cost of $110 per person, charged at your registration. It will not be possible for one individual to participate in both tours.

A special buffet lunch for tour participants will be served at the hotel, including bottled water to bring along, which may help prevent altitude sickness. Tour guests are advised to bring or wear warm clothing, as the mountain top weather is frequently cold and unpredictable. At 1:00 pm the tour participants will board vans bound for Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. For both tours there will be time to enjoy the unique environment of the tropical high-altitude volcanos and the superb views. Japanese speaking guides will accompany the vans as needed. We estimate that the vans will return to the meeting hotel around 7:00 pm on the 23rd.

Solar-B Workshop

Participants in the Yohkoh10 research meeting who also wish to attend the Solar-B workshop January 25-26 must register separately for that event. Contact Tetsuya Watanabe (, or see the Solar-B web pages for more information.


After completing the electronic registration form, an email confirmation will be sent to you. All conference fees are required in US dollars, payable by check, money order or Visa and Master Card credit cards. You must specify any other payment method when you register.

Please make all checks and money orders payable to Yohkoh10 Meeting. Send payment to:

    Yohkoh10 Meeting
    c/o Jana Halvorson
    PO Box 336
    Bozeman, MT U.S.A.

Changes In Your New Registration

If you have already registered, or re-registered, and wish to change some of the details of your registration please use any of the following information to contact Jana Halvorson:

    FAX: 406-388-2167
    mailing address:
      Yohkoh10 Registration
      c/o Jana Halvorson
      PO Box 336
      Bozeman, MT USA

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