Multi-Wavelength Observations of Coronal Structure and Dynamics -- Yohkoh 10th Anniversary Meeting

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The proceedings of the meeting will be published by Elsevier Science on behalf of COSPAR in the COSPAR Colloquia Series. The editors are P.C.H. Martens (MSU) and D. Cauffman (LMSAL). All papers will be refereed.

Proceedings Page Limits

Page limits are 2 pages for posters, 4 pages for contributed papers, and 10 pages for invited reviews. Each author will be charged by Elsevier for their own color images included in the proceedings. The rates are $700 for the first page, and $350 for each subsequent page of color images.


We intend to submit the camera ready proceedings to Elsevier Science by May 2002. We request that every author submit a first draft of their paper at the meeting. We prefer full papers, but the first draft may be limited to an extended abstract, the full presentation, and a narrative. The full papers must be submitted by March 15, 2002.

Manuscript Preparation

Authors may submit their papers in most common electronic formats (LaTex, Word, WordPerfect), and figures must be in the accompanying electronic form. We have prepared a LaTex guide doubling as a sample paper in the format required by COSPAR. Download (by holding down "SHIFT" while clicking on the link) either the gzipped tar-file y10_template.tar.gz (85 kB), or each file separately:

For those who do not use LaTex, the sample paper with format and style instructions can be downloaded in PDF (421 kB) and PostScript (885 kB) format. It will also be distributed as part of the registration package.

Manuscript Submission

Before you submit, please print out your paper with figures and verify that all comes out as intended. We will return submissions with LaTex errors and figures that won't print. If your paper has photographs that need to be pasted in, mail us a hardcopy of your paper and figures, else electronic submission is sufficient.

You can submit your paper and figures via ftp as follows (your input is in bold):

    > ftp
    Name ( author
    331 Password required for author.
    Password: ******** (will be forwarded to you by email)
    ftp> binary
    ftp> mkdir first_author_last_name (e.g. mcmullen)
    ftp> cd mcmullen
    ftp> put mcmullen.tex (for convenience of the editors, please use first_author_last_name.tex as the naming convention)
    ftp> put mcmullen_fig1.eps (Please use the indicated naming convention for your figures, also for the figure reference inside your paper! Your figure may be gzipped if that is convenient for you; use the .gz extension)
    ftp> put mcmullen_fig2.eps
    ftp> (etc, etc.)
    ftp> quit
For security reasons, revised or corrected submissions cannot overwrite the earlier file version, so please use the convention "mcmullen_v2.tex", and higher if you need to make corrections.

The editors will review all the manuscripts, and may ask you for clarifications and/or revisions via email.

Please help us adhere to the deadline of March 15, 2002. Thank you for your cooperation!

The editors:
Piet Martens, MSU (
David Cauffman, LMSAL (

Mailing Address

P.C.H. Martens
Physics Department
Montana State University
P.O. Box 173840
Bozeman, MT 59717-3840

Maintained by Rebecca McMullen, Montana State University
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