Brian's front yard
Caption: Brian Handy and Gregg Switzer brewing a honey lager in the driveway on a chilly yet sunny spring day in Bozeman.

Who am I?

I'm currently (20-November-2000) unemployed. I've recently resigned my position at Montana State, to accept a new position with a Japanese IT Consulting Firm. Right now I'm waiting on visa paperwork from emmigration. This will all lead to a series of stories on life in Japan. Stay tuned.

Everything that follows is my life prior to this big career change. It will slowly bit-rot until it's completely out of date.

I was the #2 TRACE Postdoc at Montana State University. My mark of distinction is to be the first Ph.D. out of the MSU Solar Physics program at Montana State University - Bozeman. (Post-note: Meet Ph.D. #2.)

Things you'll need to know later...

When the rest of the world realizes how crucial I really am, the radio stations will probably start asking trivia questions about me. You'll want to know the following background in preparation for this event:
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