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Former REU students and mentors are doing exciting things

Brendan Gallagher of REU 2017 class, has discovered asteroid finger prints with Parker Solar Probe . Find more in the Science news and NASA press release . -- December, 2019

Nicole Albanese of REU 2018 class, has published a paper "Solar Cycle Variation of Coronal Temperature, Emission Measure, and Soft X-Ray Irradiance Observed with Yohkoh Soft X-Ray Telescope" in the Astrophysical Journal. -- December, 2019

Maria Kazachenko , mentor of REU 2008 class, instructor of REU 2006-2009, assistant professor at Colorado University at Boulder, has won the NASA Early Career Award. Read more about her accomplishment. -- September, 2019

Anthony Yeates of REU 2007 class, has been awarded the early career Karen Harvey prize of the Solar Physics Division, American Astronomical Society. -- January, 2019

Ying Li , mentor of REU 2016 class, is a scientist in Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, conducting spectroscopic observations and numerical modeling of the solar atmosphere.

Gramham Kerr of REU 2010 class, is a NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) Fellow in Goddard Space Flight Center studying solar flare atmosphere.

Christopher Lowder of REU 2007 class, mentor of REU 2011 class, and instructor of REU 2010-2014, is a research scientist at Southwest Research Institute, Boulder, CO, observing and modeling coronal mass ejections.

Peter Wyper of REU 2007 class, is an assistant professor in Durham University, conducting theoretic and numerical research in solar magnetohydrodynamics.

Tom Schad of REU 2005 class, is a scientist at the National Solar Observatory, leading the instrument development of the NSO Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope DKIST project.

Michael Hahn of REU 2003-2004 class, is a scientist in the Astrophysics Laboratory, Columbia University, conducting research in solar astrophysics.