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The RHESSI 3-10 keV spectrum during fast events View all project descriptions by submitter

Hugh Hudson Submitted: 28-Mar-2003 08:51

The RHESSI low-energy spectra show the Fe complex at 6-7 keV as an extremely prominent feature that can be characterized quite precisely within the resolution of the instrument. In principle this feature and the neighboring continuum give several pieces of information about the tail of the thermal plasma in a flare. We are hoping to see non-equilibrium effects, or other interesting properties, by looking at fast flares for which the shutters remained in place.

Participants: B.R. Dennis, H.S. Hudson, K.J.H. Phillips, R.A. Schwartz, and D.M. Smith

Project Status: Just beginning, March 2003 Go to main RHESSI project descriptions page  A Multi-wavelength Analysis of a Solar Limb Flare on 2002 April 15  Edit Entry  Submitter's Homepage

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