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A Multi-wavelength Analysis of a Solar Limb Flare on 2002 April 15 View all project descriptions by submitter

Linhui Sui Submitted: 28-Mar-2003 10:08

A detailed analysis of a limb flare on 2002 April 15 was carried out using RHESSI X-ray images and spectra, Nobeyama microwave images, Owens Valley Solar Array (OVSA) microwave spectra, and SOHO EIT & LASCO images. The RHESSI images show a flare loop at low energy band and two footpoints as well as a bright looptop source at 25 - 50 keV. RHESSI images also show coronal sources moving outward. A comparison of the microwave images and spectra with the RHESSI observations will be carried out.

Participants: Linhui Sui, Gordon D. Holman , Dale E. Gary , Kiyoto Shibasaki

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